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This output has brought together the books I have read before and re-read, along with tag-led informations I found on the internet. It is my research I have been testing out for how far Gaia U, Permaculture and inventive theories & strategies have infiltrated the markets to give solutions we Gaians can accept and show to others. I report what is on the mark, & what is still off the mark for understandings we need to be in possession of, & live in our lives, in order to regenerate the ecology to mean economy, & for healings in nutrition, body, commons & invisible structures to widen in our daily practice. I share books and links here.

Books of the Month:

Eliot Coleman The Winter Harvest Manual, 1998 Four Seasons Farm

Joan Dye Gussow Chicken Little, Tomato Sauce & Agriculture, 1991, Toes Books Bootstrap Press

Gunter Pauli  The Blue Economy 2010 Paradigm Publications

James Lovelock Healing Gaia 1991 Harmony Books

Dolores La Chapelle Earth Wisdom  1978 Finn Hill Arts “Boundaries of the Mind”, “Holographic        

    Model of Brain Function”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra, 1984, Bihar School of Yoga

Asiba Tupahache Taking Another Look 1986, revised 1988, 1991, Spirit of January Publications

Robert D Bruce  Lacandon Dream Symbolism Vol 1 1975, EUPAM

John Beaulieu, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, 1987, Station Hill Press

T.W Hyne Jones Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies, 1976-1988 CW Daniel Company LTD

Thomas Griner What’s Really Wrong With You? 1996, Avery

William C C Chen Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan  1973-1994

Mantak Chia Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao 1983 Aurora

Mantak Chia Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1986, Healing Tao Books

Dr Howard Fisher & Dr Igor Smirnov Molecular Resonance Effect Technology 2010, Brittania

Jerome Rothenberg Shaking The Pumpkin 1986, Alfred Van der Marck Editions

Hazel Henderson Beyond Globalization, Shaping a Sustainable

    Global Economy 1999, Kumarian Press

Elizabeth Peredo The Human Right to Water and Sanitation in the UN

    2011, Solon Foundation

Alexander Ewen & Oren Lyons Voice of Indigenous Peoples 1994,

    Clear Light Publishers

Melissa K Nelson Original Instructions 2008, Bear Books

David Abram Becoming Animal 2010 Pantheon

Peter Berg Envisioning Sustainability 2009 Subculture Books

    (“Welcome Home”)

Paul Hawken Blessed Unrest 2007 Viking

Coco Gordon SuperSkyWoman 1994, V-idea


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