Megaphone pathways
COCO GOrdon aka Coco Go aka Superskywoman

Mapping Megaphone Pathways,

I Discover Main Ways I Work:


All slowly evolving Geological time, Sun, Critical circles, First Clan connections, Roots that take long time to take hold, life process, Cells, Handmades - Cuttings: clothes, pianos, Ideas that come organically in variations over time, Water currency (see glossary), how I tap into most of my work done, to do, and letting go;  my Journals, Futurist Manifestos I have are  still pertinent; Where the wild beginnings keep coming, DNA to mmmmmM.A.G.I.C. = art actions.


unconscious associations,

Blam it’s there, the   

indigenous guiding thought/

bubble in front of the head, Knowing We, Other We’s replace I / You, From distress = silver platters, TIKYSK TWKWSK OOPS ASK-SSW...

Revolution-sudden coups;

      Actions that change the world...

      Dreamingzzzzz, Digging-in We

      Reading the chakras, Wild feet,

Healing energies meet Bloodflow

+Follow the Edges, How they fan out, Keyhole in to yield more; Conserve, feed, Sink the source, waterlife... Whose

patents? Fingerprints? Open source...

             +Follow the Trajectories- Naming in out/ to from/ the megaphone shape Analyze past present future location, Backcasting What will this year bring looking back?

+Mindmaps Configure categories, relationships within, are drawn as spoken (related by a group), filtered by the thinking heart that doubles brainspace, System We

? Where Are We Going ?

Which Business Case (1) and for

What? Can We Trust? (2)

Self Guidance Through A Megaphone

I played in my TRAPs to learn Coco
archetypes as system traps Donella Meadows
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The Shape Announces Its Trajectory

  1. (1)Hunter Lovins, Business Case for Climate Protection (Natural Capital Solutions) is a model for me of extensive Research sandwiching great intention to show the exponential success of Nature’s no waste way to Sustain us as a species. Her Bottom Line is the Integrated Bottom Line (IBL). Mine is the Infinite Bottom Line (IBL). Either one supplants the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) that Katherine Austin Fitts says has given opportunity for the most excessive abuses going on today in finance. (lecture at Financial Permaculture Summit 2009 in TN). Learn more here: and here: and read Katherine Austin Fitts, Solari report:

  2. (2)John Bonner, Interview: Mind Life and Universe, Ed Margulis & Ponset, Chelsea Green, 2007 p.254-, Are humans any different than the amoebae?... what is important is the ability to communicate...our DNA is identical to other animals... real National borders do not exist...the amoebae can only move in a group not alone, highly sensitive to heat gradients...

Those to whom love is done do love in return, embossed handmade paper envelopes +silkscreened pastel, 1981

Radical Food Solo opening, Reading chakras action in my cut-open piano-trap 1993, Vienna’s Kunstkanzlei

see glossary

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