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An un business Case  for Creating REGENERATIVE MIND

Out of our minds, we Regenerate after the UNdoing of regulations, rivers, cheat grass ripping animal guts, law-suits waged on farmers & environmental organizations, killing off inventors endangering big oil, fracking’s mocked safety while1000 banned toxic chemicals are re-legalized...madness reigns. We are in process to regenerize proactive holistic being & doing.

My strategy was to do a business case for UN-Business action. Hunter Lovins uses the “business case” to bypass shunned key words: ecological, environmental, sustainability. I wanted to seize the moment for Permaculture, UNthreaten the abundance-creating, Regenerative Earth process by accessing Regenerative Mind to re-activate UNconcepts framed in hand-made, hand grown Earth practices. My advisor suggested my powerful project: An Eco Machine for Lyons begun year 1 #2 &continued & so it became a GU reality matched to my on the ground work.

Regenerative Mind, when cultured as a norm of higher vibrational memes is a dwelling place now receiving much attention in Permaculture across disciplines.

This OP 11 year 2 #5 of my GU MSc capstone year was abandoned in favor of a quick & imperfect way to finally break my “Artful complexity” heavy research OP-making habit-

Am requested to hire others to do my work, interviews & an elf

& replace this Project with “An eCoMachine for Lyons

Steady localized observation sets the design of our minds for accepting appropriate scale solutions. Nourishing ourselves and our communities  builds places in our brains, deep grooved engrams that are accepting, eliminating fear factors that disempower.

In this state all regenerative work is possible. In the spirit of stacked functions we don’t interfere with gravity feeds, keyline sunbelts, life-enhancing exchange of surplus vs the squandering busts and booms of precious Earth resources. No till & complementary parallel currency is here to show corporations, municipalities & countries how to overcome deficiency cycles & thrive.