My Buddy guild partner, Ariane Burgess gave me the insight that my packets are so integrative, a picture of a net not a string, that others might be challenged. Yet a metaphor, a field, a net is a  visual permaculture, & a spiraling dynamics is how to get from meme to meme. Documentation strategies, management strategies & a whole range of combinations work as a team for organization & for language-setting and language-changing. She sees me as following the application of Permaculture toward management & into emergency needs. Thank You A.


This visualization of my heart is crystal clear in all directions...

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I’ve benefited by selective omission in this Regenerative Healing Output. Testing in-the-moment brainstormed sections as holographic slice replicates this selected set of my life’s healing methods. I’m setting a pattern for invisible underlying structure pursuits. I imagine this means another BOOK! Imagining is my way of knowing another book must emerge, be performative, an installation, a course outline, a use of my SuperSkyWoman business case or GU-led design process contraction stage, where I’ve lived the expansion stage by gathering in a virtual album now escaping its essence: universe-listening, intuiting, & Earth-healing availability.

I’m pleased with simplifying my web pages to concentrate & elicit more responses in & out of the GU community. Early pages now feel like a quilt that hold rich, interrelated material, like background for new work to flow out. I appreciate having created many organic Blogs that can relate to one another. In quest for helpers testing my outputs & projects, I’ve delved into project  team management, action-leadership training, life-coach training and Earth Whisper training to help my life-work of integrated fields. I no longer feel fractured into small places & pieces. I’m seeing feedback from my model-making: listening provides solutions, walking the talk inspires.

introspection     awareness   self-adjustment self-reliance     self-care    love

Did my invented Design Methods

  1. 1.Intuit/ evaluate criteria for my Regenerative Healing? YES, I tweaked a few new methods for measuring: Kolb, and new acronyms OA & EER, & new megaphone reciprocal functions.

  2. 2.Honor my values? YES, I feel empowered by my inventions as giveaways in Creative Commons.

  3. 3.Determine if I was clear in required parts of outputs? YES the unclutter & scale of the page format has helped.

  4. 4.Pioneer acronyms to project meaning for joining me?  YES it is still happnin’ as in Edge informing the center.

I appreciate my challenges to cultivating Indigenous Commons, Equanimity, Positivity & Healing Regeneration while listening to my gut