Art within earth

intro-mission from right brain

is this op’s test on Learning brain communication:


regenerative BIS: (Body information system)

knowzzz All seez all healz all

Occupation: embodying action-Learning, homing in Earth whisperer, no tagging needed- will show the way...



Favorite anti-hero: Monsanto (tied with) Cheneyfracker for ‘da Prize of largest hands in your life, unabling yr rights to health, safety & wellbeing...

Meanwhile Hovering the megamachine world...

Art encompassing proactivity & protest 4U, 4 ecosocial benefit: groups & organizations

coming to your inner sanctum, quietly listening to your proactive commons actions

the most ‘unuseful art’ you will ever want to know about....

start tracking with me, then, please send in your very best

unuseful empowering artfully alive indigenous need-

Blessedly unrestful disturbing

yet awesomely slowwwing

Grrrip any mayan would

approve is unique

creative one-





art within earth

unuseful without local rights, a commons, democracy school, bioregional congress, Nature’s Biodiversity, permaculture systems, local culture, Embodying action-Learning, placemaking, earthbeing, biomimicry, a total infinite bottom line: shake’em-up local currency actionszz that look like yourtown, a have-art-will-boom- with-you, travel-out-of-fake-abundance,  (GYO) grow-yr-own inoculum a regenerative reachout...

you’ll find which artists you can learn from to save your life from: commons enclosure, climate change, cafo’s, runaway antibiotics in factory-farm-hypofood & new-killer-species-GMO’s, toxic dumping, VOC’s, military corporatization, eliminating of yr rights, & how artists are  modeling Earth’s ecosocial patterns into wild concepts with real on the ground campaigns we call Art...

unuseful Art that Saves the earth*********seeks good water****honors local seed

be proactive

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Welcome to Year 2 Op #4 of my Gaia U MSc Degree
“art within eARTh” regenerates earth

let’s Perm!

intro-mission art, lives thru the 53 senses,