OP3 output specification

output packet title:   easy in come free...


OP3 focus is threefold: 1) Building 2 tangent SuperSkyWoman websites, the one you see, and the one you link to for delving as deep as you wish, 2) Creating a ready reference to all my nested right livelihood involvements, 3) Entry to my creation process  titled, “easy in come free”, which takes a slant from  the childhood chant, (Ollie, Ollie) “ all ye, all ye in come free”, a hide & seek game, to keep in mind the double meaning of the in-coming arrival destination (hiding, finding, coming back home safe),

and income (right livelihood).


Output Packet Focus

Summary, where, how, who, with whom, why

I ask for your open senses, let your mind meet your heart and gut, let yourself dart in all directions, question my methodology, use of language, kinesthetic presentation. Find patterns. I may fail. I allow myself to fail and to rewrite. I receive comments, and redesign. Perceptions are magma. I like designing by collaborative process, learning each others attributes, bouncing off each other,

easy in come free

at your service…

This Output Packet intertwines players & functions. Watch me. I’m spider, creating alone, not as a group. This is a trial. To give you options: delve deeper with appendices, or sidestep links. I feel lean, look lean when you weave your way in. 

The last appendix page presents an experiment in opportunity for light popcorn brainstorming where separate words and punctuation open links, a new strategy to make it fun to find deeper layers.  I continue mixing in kinesthetic fun. An artistic cryptic edge is still  going, but did rein it in by having less of it. Pulling back from overwhelm factor was also a huge boon to my dislexic self. I went from relying on a long correlative unconscious process to pare down, to finding a new ability in me to start with a reduction management plan, resulting in shortening the outline to create more clarity. I have more to learn in this reducing process which is part of my learning contract. The choices did simplify my brain function, and my writing was able to jump micro to macro gaps to larger concerns of an earth based public policy which will contribute to the knowledge commons. I liked that I could link-in my process of Asking Nature to fulfill receiving puzzling coded next steps. Perhaps enabling the kind of humor I admire in others, the excerpts come directly from my learning journals. 

I’ve chosen the L.A.S.T., the locally active sustainable town to be the compelling choice to introduce from my learning contract. The Town Administrator is encouraging my dovetailed actions on the Sustainable Futures Commission. I’m on call to sense and catch the moments; If I let too much time go, not check in, & a new ruling or new grant, or new town players spout authority & supercede my integrated design, I’m challenged without stress to reel the action back in.  Asking Nature helps, satisfying companionship, as does the prospect of achieving the ultimate prize: A Nature honoring Public Policy. Nature appears to like my arboretum questions.

Ceremonial Village is my healing, antidote to quicksand, that sucking down, helped by a large team. Magnify the count of players by the power of group dynamics: 
8 international Biocouncil members get an 11th Congress up & running. 
Biocurriculum, similar to Permaculture lies in the margins of its star ethical distinction, Reinhabitation.
Our 5-person Permaculture team is cooking up the 100 hour PDC course again with new offshoots to the Arapaho reservation.
Transition Town Lyons has 130 invisibly pollinating members, re-skilling, mapping, going for the EDAP.
32 now communicate on the Sustainable Futures Commission, advising the town board.
The thread that binds strongly is twined many ply.
Keep tuned...../Links_3%264/L.A.S.T..html../Links_3%264/asking_nature_1.html../Links_3%264/Public_Policy.html../Links_3%264/Arboretum_Queries.html../Links_3%264/Ceremonial_village.html../Links_3%264/Biocurriculum.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5
defining right- livelihood mentoring 
student dream delver
lead                                             meaning feeling                                                
action heroine
critiquing interactively
interviewer of nature
permaculture  designer
community initiator
workshop leader
always learning

   fears fearing fearless






        graphic patterner



   timeless poet experimenter









related elements

1.Process Spec’s  2. Welcome Home Outline 
 Areas of Interest:  Asking Nature, The L.A.S.T., Public Policy   
4. About SSW, Transition Town, Transition Movies;  Biocouncil story,  Permaculture    5. ‘da Blog   6.  ‘da Websites   7. Appendix: Sustainable Futures, Financial Permaculture, Village Building Convergence, Bioregionalism

As SuperSkyWoman action heroine, to bring forth Bioregional Ceremonial Village is a blast! I love Permaculture being sponsored by Dept. of Parks & Rec as mandated by a town Comp Plan. Coup!  Uh-Oh, I-Ching: Being sworn into the local government opens a can of liabilities.  

easy in come free


This is all new to me. Public Policy of the Commons, of the Earth. My students are the next teachers and commissioners. I lived anonymously by my own rules in a big city most of my life, was supported well by international art world surprises, led Ground zero in a sustainable push and dreamt of doing what am doing now. Bless the shaping of so many right livelihoods. It’s a permaculture polyculture existence, Asking Nature, my public / private work,

easy in come free...

sections & threads

note to reader


homepage, nature, biocouncil, L.A.S.T., kinesthetic, blog, Transition, Superskywoman

My purpose is to keep up with my own creativity, record entries on ‘Da blog as a part of my output planning, & Ultimately, work up a good Home website to record my filed away past, projected future & continuing projects having the component of a world outreach blogging space. Huge task! For my eco-artworld change work, I will better define my SuperSkyWoman action- forming self to benefit from a newly learned lens of Gaia U operations, skills, language, analysis, and evaluations.

Output    Packet Purpose Statement

Another purpose is to polish my ‘IT’ & communicating skills to be better understood by those who read my work, therefore the need for clarity, brevity, insights & insistence...


The euroboros eats its tail. I’d done that before, this collograph print made in the 1970s...

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