SuperSkyWoman Q to Gondogliere:


Cocogo to the Gondogliere, A lesson on water currency:

#23 of 42 queries, Venice, Italy 2008 (for the Mexico Experimental Poetry Biennale)

Q. Good traffic to you

A. More than you know!

Q. How do you interpret Permafrost melting, will it get to us?

A. You better believe, why ‘dja think we on bridges sing our daily crossings, Gon-do Laaa. Gon-do-Laaa…?

Q. Not just habit?

A. Hey, we’re on the verge…

Q. Of what?

A. Of the end—not much time

Q. How do you feel it?

A. A punch in the feet and fingers

Q. OK what’s to be done to stop the overage, trope, trap?

A. What can we do, brutes dressed in stripes, in hands of officials, multinationals, idiotic heads of state planted in a horrific money system.

Q. Why don’tcha vote for the Greens?

A. They didn’t arrive in time.

Q. Don’tcha think little by little you can vote them in? If It is done this way, a solution today for tomorrow,

A. I’ll think about it. Today in tomorrow, Tomorrow in today,

green Oh Eh! makes a nice song—I’ll sing it to my passengers.

Q. Do you have other ideas?

A. Maybe through miracles…

Q. Would you like a new currency to increase income?

A. Explain please

Q. We’d coin Currency called “water”, “tree”, “earth”, “air” “seeds”, with help of waters, trees, earth, air, seeds who donate their humor. Example: Water already confided to  me her bid to Shpritz people & laugh.

A. I don’t understand—

Q. Humor calling to attention, If we spend in local venues, fish market, wherever near, laugh more, enjoy our own currency, we won’t give away our power to multinationals, to banks who create money on our shoulders…

A. Tell me more.

Q. If we use less official money, we wouldn’t borrow or pay abusive interest that has power over us, integrate the two systems, fiat & parallel currency...

A. More…

Q. Our local areas then become strong to furnish our needs, are fully employed, till we are not regulated & controlled by the rich who invented & keep inventing money fiatto (you know, by breath alone, fiat!)

A. Then…?

Q. Our currency stays in our sectors, our sectors remain affluent providing for us.

A. And then?

Q. We become serene, likable to each other, in a large family sense…

A. I’ll think on this. A huge change I must say—no more lawsuits?…we must find how this functions now in other places where it is working.

Q. Well then, Good dreams, sing under your blue covers, pass through your bridges with poetry and love. Shall we sing?

A together with Q: To the new

you tell us really do it     you think new

worth more      more valuable

our own blue

also valued     our exchanges

Gondo la there      la la la there

Make it take it       your liberta`!


Q. Ciao!


Asking Water: How do you feel about all the plastics thrown into you?

pluck me out of the waters I strangle birds and fish

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