Photo Booth movies & photos this OP is the first  time using easy video on PhotoBooth

Artisan Epson 800 scanner

Photoshop C3

Screen Shots = command shift 4 for selecting area

15” Mac Book Pro Snow Leopard, found out has conflict with Microsoft Entourage

i-web, i-photo, i-movie: demo & help functions

Spotlight and MS Office for finding files & images

Safari for saving urls in well organized categories, not able to do in Firefox

Skype meetings & chats with smiley face choices

Microsoft Office 2011- solved most freezing & quitting

Flash 10.1.102

Advisor PoDaPo instructions for consolidating all evaluations on one form

Sewing, piano lessons, walking & food drying for balancing out the work load with fun

Earth Whisper Principles, Cards, toolbox, specialties, exercises, glyph activation of intention

IT - learning more of what’s there to use

Redundancy: storing images in pictures, i-photo, files, website, email menu + search functions

My behind the scenes how to read my chakras, scanned in:


Black host


Crystal floodwater


Gold heart enter


Photo Booth

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Documenting what documents me

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