Output Specifications: OP6
SuperSkyWoman’s Learning Review

The overall structure for my LR OP6 consolidates a meta structure of Customized Megaphones to blast out my first year’s most wanted list which, surprising me now, was brainstormed in my *Learning Contract  into  a typology of origin: Evolution, Epiphany, & Revolution. I will leave you to ponder this triumvirate, for it will insist itself differently for you than for me. Stay loose like the top diagram, all parts speaking to each other making no attempt at first to call a center to any attention like this diagram of centralization:

It was uncanningly perceptive how, before the fact, I predicted my year’s needs. My heart opened to the scary responsibility of  OP2 which arrived  pulling, nagging to know and write all I could about living biological  replacements to my town’s Wastewater facility. I loved becoming the sleuth,  reporter & critic as if I were all three people. I had done that exercise in 1981 becoming the model & the photographer at Lake Huron.  My OP 3 entry enabled giving you a holographic image of who I am and what my most pressing Earth-based involvements are, while sneaking in through the back brain web-making learning curve.

What you will find in this Output: My two-tiered website concept for simplifying, organizing & referencing, parallels  my career as an artist whose butting elements are often played out. In art as in life, each work holographically holds together the one piece as total in the total show. That may be how you will find I am attracted to Holopticism & Sociocracy matrix as an invisible design solution.

Personally/ Professionally: & for the momentous time of  “these times”, in the first 2 OPs I digested by cutting it all up, restructuring what was there to use. At OP3  the opportunity dawned to learn how to organize my website by eliminating that patch work. It fostered research, sequencing, synchronizing, linking,--& a dance in trust, inserting new ways, letting go, slowly arriving at new presentation with parallel websites subset as additional reading .

About My Choices: Associates were designing their own inviting websites.  Web-making conveyed a rich, satisfying way & as artist used to presentation in intermedia modes, my artist-being was motivated to learn my own webmaking. All my first year OPs are found on my websites. Please remember I knew nothing, zero, about web construction & like a tongue twister, I practiced, fulfilling my long-burning aspiration of access, to be an autonomous  conveyance to the planet.

Megaphone Blasts: Intro-Specs, a play on OP 1-6 introspection as intro...

The Order of  What

You will find in my 1st year Outputs 1-6

1. the overall LR Intro

  1. 2.specific OP Intros

  2. 3. Contents with Favorite screen shots of each OP specification + links to the OPs.

  3. 4.‘da Movie dedication

  4. 5.Report in  3 parts:

1st year lens on favorite parts of all the OPs+ short report;

1st year lens on all movies in the OPs + short report; Superskywoman & Complexity Unravels

  1. 6.Reflections scroll down the Wild beginnings and Conclusion UnMovie, both exploring learnings/UnLearnings & TIKYSK

  2. 7.Reflection Frameworks

  3. 8.Conclusion


  1. 1.GU

  2. 2.Home

  3. 3.Asking Nature 1

  4. 4.Asking Nature 2

  5. 5.Asking St Vrain

  6. 6.L.A.S.T.

  7. 7.Arboretum Queries

  8. 8.Public Policy

  9. 9.Biocurriculum

  10. 10.Edema Bibliography

  11. 11.Water-Prayer

  12. 12.Bahia-Trees

  13. 13.Quito-PR

  14. 14.Welcome Home

  15. 15.St’at’imsets

  16. 16.Moving Mouth

  17. 17.Perm Vision Statement

  18. 18.Interactiv’ Samples

  19. 19.Home Is

  20. 20.Land Trusts

  21. 21.The Future of Hands & Feet video

You can choose to follow my lead in your own way.

Please let me know on my blog:

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