(Learning Intention Pathways Design) 2nd Year blast

CAPTION:    As if Two Parts of a Book, Projects Part 1 Contrasts with Skillflexes Part 2

in every page invisible structure is embodied rather than division into a two part book.

color coding:

red = action checklist

sea green = buddy collaboration work

Specifications for entire OP




            Smart Strategy

               contrast left/right brains

                    (orderly Timeline map)

                    (momentousTimeline-Action Map)

                        Smart Strategy

                            Use of Elves & Learning Budgets (involve, set patterns)

                            Indigenous Democracy, local policy rights learning, home rule, Protect Water

                            Healing, Brainwork Collaboration

                            Life Coach learning

                            Business case learning

                            Leadership Learning

                        Skillflex quality

                        Megaphone Reaches- Home (Project) (Skillflex), deductive Left Brain

                        Megaphone Reaches- scope of Commons, collage Rt Brain

My Support Web

    What the self as SuperSkyWoman is doing

        (navigating diverse cultures) HOME Skin/envelope

            Set measures for effectiveness + Test Questions

My Goals

Report 1  Mine & Elf’s Left Brain

        My Living Metric measuring +

        My Elf’s Concept reply

Movie: My Elf Loretta!

Report 2- Right Brain Documentation - Learning Intentions

    Acronyms as Measurements/ benchmarks

        OA, EER, EE, LAST, OOPS           

            *Choose four windows- Two Synesthetic project + two skillflex

                        *Designing & Recapturing HOME

                        *A&R: WasteWater Action & Repair

                                 winter Food

                            Business Case -OOPS

                            Local Games- Positive Community

                            Nature Commons - bottom up

                            SuperSkyWoman’s Gifts: Models, Visioning, Permaculture

                            *Reflection with Elves

                                 *‘da art Meta Blog

         Capstone Matrix

               current toolkit

                        KULTUR, L/UnL, edges, simplify, seed, hovering, listening, positivity

                Ask, Did my Mindmaps showcase transformation?

           Ask, Did I meet my Guidance for effectiveness?  

                Did I observe Autonomy

Conclusion: Acronyms & shared process

Digiphon: How I produced this OP

Supporting Evidence- Buddy calls, Links

*Meta Blog: Art Within Earth

                    Only in the Bioregional Garden,

                    Home at Last, In the Air,

                    John Todd process,    

                    Un-useful Essential Art

Process Reflection

            Timeless Ease in Age of no Time Left 

            SSW shares tips


Welcome to My LIPD OP7-year2 #1

Contents       “MEGAPHONE REACHES”     

OP7-Year 2 #1-LIPD    Contents    Specifications    Megaphone Reaches Left Brain   

Megaphone Reaches Right Brain    my support web    My Goals   report 1    Movie  

Report 2    Conclusion   Digiphon   Supporting Evidence  

‘Da OP7 Meta Blog   Process Reflection

OP 7-Year 2 #1-LIPD Links:   Right Brain Wins    My Elf Replies  Megaphone Links   Rights

Rights 4Nature   Sunset Rights?   HowlTimeMovie

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Links WW 8&9 Year2 #2 & #3       9-Year2 #3 Regenerative Healing

Right Brain 10-Year2 #4 Art in earth        Left Brain 10-Year2 #4 eARTh

Links 10-Year2 #4        11-Year2 #5        Nicole’s Elf reWrite 11-Year2 #5  

Abandoned 11-Year2 #5        12 LR Mahara     12LR i-web

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Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman