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This fan is my field, as I open it in a natural world of limited energy past present future,

I treasure the reflections it represents. It forces my reflective brain open to an also wide-open too-stretched fan economy whatever that means, this idea will not show up in this OP. It is a new concept, here & now, confirming that everything in integrative work is open to the DRAFT MODE. Perhaps that is why I am so open to flux & flow, change, equanimity & positivity. This OP has been a tribute to Regenerative Healing in the face of earth air water & seeds destruction.

Learnings UnLearnings:

        Unlearning via the 53 senses (Michael J Cohen, Reconnecting With Nature)

        Learning via the 14 senses (Earth Whisper Training, Rennie Davis)       


The Magnificent Human Body

“The human body has 14 senses not just five. Humanity is about to discover the magnificence of the biological equipment it occupies called the body. Discovering your sensory perception of sonar, for example, which is located in the hair follicles of the ear, will show you a way to access any information you seek without Google. The human body has radar as well. Your radar is located in the forehead and is useful when you want to see what is coming your way. You can also discover how to change your body chemistry from a fear adrenaline chemistry to the feel-good chemistries of dopamine and serotonin without drugs or medication. You can even probe the vast archives inside your 23 chromosomes to learn about your own history. Knowing your history, you can expect to create a completely new future for yourself and humanity.”  

❖   What are my own Earth talents passed down by my ancestors

❖   How can I access them   

❖   How do I talk with the Earth

❖   How can I make rain (with the Earth’s permission)  

❖   What Earth meditations profoundly nourish the Earth

❖   What stones and crystals best support my guardian service

❖   What is the Earth’s viewpoint on global warming

❖   Is an ice age coming  

❖   What is the evolutionary purpose of those peaking solar flares

❖   Why does the Earth need volcanic activity now and how can I support that

❖   How can I make ozone out of my own body

❖   How can I permanently remove ego saboteurs from my unconscious mind

❖   What is the Earth guardian awareness and how do I live it

❖   How can I access the intelligence of my own body about any subject

❖   What is the untold history of the Earth as told by the Earth

❖   What does the Earth’s self-aware unsullied innocence feel like inside myself  

An 11 chackra  observation: This output has quite a few imbedded projects, with renewable embodied energy in the process & Materiality. After entering a year of focused Regeneration, I continue chapters, past OP 9 of commons, food, invisble structures & healing that oppose but help each other to Art within Earth, science of R’s P’s & L’s concocted & inter-connected in my Land Learning Laboratory.
I go for redundancy & the flowering effect how it goes in & out of emphasis with the sun rising & setting.
Invisible Structures: My learning is controlled by how I hold my information, so I can use it.
I pick up clues from teaching Permaculture keyline, no till & from organizations like Water Watch, Consumers Union, & hundreds of alerts, books, presenters, speakers, webinars, friends. 
I hit every link & add to my store of knowledge.
The essence of my beliefs lives through invisible structures on energetic, tool & empowerment levels. Forceful figures like Paul Hawken, Vandana Shiva, Adam Kahane & Catherine Austin Fitts, & movements of Bioregionalism, Financial permaculture, Transition Town & my UN-Megamachine ideas help shape my invisible structures. Elements of Invisible structures can be social justice, ethics, patterns of communication like network, dendrite, linear, recirculating.