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My web-pages expand like fans out of their first specifications, into their own emphasis, which I chose to highlight more, or less, from the sum. Redundancy is used as a reminder of Right-brained Oral Culture creating a memory, in more reductive left-brained organization. Hyperlinks give support & lead either to web pages or my preceding output work. Web links in total are listed on the Supporting Evidence page. These OP 9 (Year 2, OP #3) linking sites conflue with OP8 links, for you to make more synergies with regenerative healing. This output is designed to unfold organically like a time lapse of petals opening, until you get a flower idea of  Regenerative healing fields to further plant in your own ways.

Specifications: you are here - I go for redundancy & the flowering effect, how it goes in & out of emphasis with the sun rising & setting. I keep that image of an elder wanting her voice to be heard directly from the memory of the land itself.

SuperSkyWoman’s Goals for Regenerative Healing:

    Looking for a Symbol:

    OA Objective Arbitration

    Elves / Learning trainings & budget

    Statements & check points


Projects 1.  Manifesting / Pure Food

        Answer to Big Agriculture

        Nutrition- raw foods, oils

        Winter home garden

        Bye Buy

        Radical Food Manifesto

Projects 2.  Awakening / My Healing Practices  

        Asking Nature

        Tom Griner- muscle spasm

        Reiki- self, long distance

        Continuum movement

        Microcosmic Orbit (Knee)

        Tai Chi


            Self Photo set-ups

            Pull & Play in the universe

            Let’s Perm Exchange

            Bye Buy

            Unframed Intelligence

        Land Learning Laboratory

        UnMegamachine Course L.A.S.T.

        Elves & Learning Budget Wunderkinds

        Poetry & Art Eco-Politic

        Dream Performance

        Water Mark OOPS- Office of Permaculture Sustenance

        Megaphones - EER Evolution Revolution & Epiphany          

Project 3. Settling / Invisible Support Structures

       Nature Speaks

            Make a Water Currency

      Democracy school               

      Home Rule

            Meme Change, Spiral Dynamics   

       Transition Town - EDAP energy descent action plan

       Permaculture - Systems Integration

            Watershed design (start from top not bottom like this)

            though rain gardens work just before reaching rivers.


           Bioregional Home

        DGR- Deep Green Resistance

        Earth Whisper Training

        Learning Land Lab

        UnMegamachine Courses

        Conversations That Matter

            Theory U
Open space  
            think ‘n listen


        Self Sufficiency

        Right / Left Brain

        Handmade Skillsets

Restore Our Commons

           First Nations, TEK

           Colorado River sequestrations    

           Nature’s Rights Ecuador, Thomas Berry, CELDF

           Placemaking- Village Building Convergence

‘Da Health & Waters Blogs

        4 movies in the tradition of self-set-ups

        Are you reading Positive or negative Space?

        Proactive History Making: Regenerating our Actions

        The Regenerative Real Waters Metaphor

‘Da Earth-Whisper Audio

    Am I serious about earth work?

    No Ego No Comparisons this is different

    Selenite soothing

    My four talents

    Turning on the Glyph


‘Da presentpastfuturehealing Movie 1

    show’n tell healing

‘Da selfsufficiencyhealing Movie 2

    DYI self-demo healing

Process Reflections

    Learnings UnLearnings:

        Learning via the 14 senses

        Unlearning the 53 senses


Supporting Evidence






INVISIBLE STRUCTURES+ More Invisible Structures=


    in our nutrition, body, commons    

    & support structures

My favorite healing techniques

  1. 1.Mixing oils that feed the skin:

    Lanolin, Tea tree oil & Apricot

    kernel oil (learned from Dr H. I.

    Lippmann, my father, that lanolin &

    mink oil absorb into aging skin)

  1. 2.Tom Griner Sideways massage to instantly eliminate muscle spasm

  2. 3.Dry-Brushing skin daily

  3. 4.Opening the Glyph for Earthwork

  4. 5.Blood-type ancestral diet

  5. 6.Raw foods-under 115 degrees

  6. 7.Eliminating sugar-grow & use stevia

  7. 8.Long Distance Reiki-healing others

  8. 9.Deep Calm: Breathe in- tongue on roof of mouth, breathe out- smile

  9. 10. Wake up massage 1: rub over eyebrow, under eye, U under cheek. rub ears, lift top of ear, pull lobe of ear, rub down around neck, rub or wash  hands & release to outdoors

  10. 11. Wake up 2: Breathe in longer than breathe out-Mantak Chia

  11. 12. Wake up massage 3: Touch behind neck or side of face

  12. 13. Manifesting, Awakening, Settling

  13. 14.Art Inventions:

    Let’s Perm exchange - trading a    

    head massage for a Permaculture



6 TIKYSK Group healers led by SuperSkyWoman perform their chosen Permaculture Exchange with the public at the 1999 Venice Biennale

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