SSW: Solvency & support for water
    This fourth output packet to study solvency & support for Water came as an Epiphany.     
    It struck me to liken Dad’s research on the workings of edema in the body, where water collects in the wrong states-of-being & places triggering severe health problems, to where water subsides or swells-as-degraded to the wrong places in and on Earth, limiting its sourcing of life & compromising land and lifeblood flows.
    My epiphany was a systems leap from the familial, personal health plane of disease as seen with indigenous cultural memory blinders on to a plane of systemic planetary disability, felt geologically & collectively with Nature. 

    In any study, first pure thought is freshest thought, before being variationed out to where it can go as an inquiry. Dad was Science I was Art, or so I thought.  We each had a pearl of each others ways to arrive at a study that meshed. I kept many recurring notes at each first thought before trying to connect any dots. 

    Dad passed-on before publishing his book on EDEMA, after years of examining Blood flow with two engineers that were working on the Manhattan Project. This was to be his last medical scientific in-depth Water-opus. He’d shared his initial probes with me step-by-step in the mid 90’s. And I was his proof reader.

    OP4 is a stretch-of-imagination,  stydying & meshing methods to consider water’s influence. A process unfolded bringing together water as the medium, humor as the message, body & earth as the messenger & the remarkable birth of a real collaborative voyage between them: the correlation between Dad’s teachings & my aware body’s immune system informing a Permaculture restoring of an Earth I can reinhabit. 
    Reinhabitation is a Bioregional term that signifies our leaving forced and enforced constructs behind by jumping out of gridded megamachine constriction of natural contours of the land, back into a systemically healthy relation with Nature, ie: enabling rightful support of water and everlasting solvency.
Welcome to solvency & support for water:
a tribute to my dad, Dr. Heinz I Lippmann, MD  (1908-1998)
Edema  epiphany:
Water as medium, Body & Earth as messenger, humor as message, Healing as voyage between medium, messenger, & message...
Welcome to Specifications & ‘da water juggling act...Specifications+.htmlDa_Water_juggling_Act.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
doodling’s service to science 
the correllative unconscious

experimental freakish
professional generalist artist meets renaissance fundamental specialist Scientist, both fully amnio informed & reversible. as I learn that the only liquid in our bodies is a solvent, I wonder about water’s
staying powers, its solvency!

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