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Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness

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SuperSkyWoman Introduction

My Original Outline, Defensive Intelligence, for OP 1A has manifested this Book, Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness, making it the new OP 1A. This result is so different in every aspect than initially projected.

In the Book, my repeated returning to the young artist recalls exotic aspects of my long life and career.

I am learning by doing and doing by learning, a spiral that I can enter at any point or cut up in my mind to piece together enhanced perceived meaning. Self-Revealing cut-ups have long been an avant garde practice in the artworld.

Evidence of decades of ecogeologic and

political work utilizing art foundational

unlearning/ learning modes continues to

counter sanctioned taught histories. 

My vignettes are tips of icebergs. The body-

mind-heart resides below, exposing how

Indigenous values persist in me, and how

Misused Authority the old learned

bugaboo, is overcome. I give a window into the

process of taking my own power very early in life.

This is the essence of my Career Life Review;

One can easily Investigate how I become able

to just follow my paths regardless of cultural

pressure. My work in the edges of story

visibly unfolds liberating patterns I

always felt comfortable making.                     Attitude Art NY

Of all my presentation constructs, Story using      

gesture of a thought or a moment leading             

readers to ask questions is most satisfying. Story

within land-art is most naturally connecting.

Artist-books favor challenge of exploding

juxtapositions. Installation with sited spatial elements are most demonstratively enveloping. Action and Event are my social pull to worm in and aerate. Video is my resource action-library, more selection than documentation. Photos are my eyes ready to snap, or stop to do a cumbersome but most rewarding set-up. Mindmaps of relationing and note-taking, journal extracts, and poems, unfold new thinking as pieces of inside views are woven. Here, each new art-writing-action serves to understand better my own career and life.

In these vignettes one encounters evolutionary expositions in body of the text in aqua color, via inserted multicolor earth-philosophical nuggets, photos, mindmaps, poems, hyperlinks to supporting files, and by accessing the Header links listed above to The Book, Process Reflection, Supporting Evidence,  Certificates, CV, Evaluation, mmmore core images, and my Parrot Video. All tolled, the wholism details a life of published experimentation, solo and with groups of like understanding and family intergenerational interpolation.

It’s a wrap-around process. I’m feeling my way like Alice in time-lapse, hovering through the rabbit-hole. As Henry Martin wrote in 1989, “Gordon deals with her experience as though it were a constant adventure, and her work is as though a running commentary on that adventure…The sources of Coco Gordon’s work are in everything that takes place in her life: dream impressions, fugitive sensations, psychic fixations, myriad curiosities, intriguing images…"--Henry Martin ("Acts of Faith", Il Sogno Del Tempo)

You are invited to continue through the 11 chapters of My Book , Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness (Life and Career Review), and keep moving on by clicking the provided links.


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