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Epiphany for balance between Attention, Competency & Flexibility...

This Op5 has become a survey: Of all aspects of my Home, how it was, is, will exist, for me, my town, my persona SuperSkywoman, my business, my past ancient turtle-ways, my aging & future autonomy & much more as you will see by following the pages and links...

I Start from Home Base to study, redesign & recapture my home in all its manifestations, moving through 3 Ways to Go, exploring ‘da Turtle Way & Immigrantness. Throughout I call on Goals, Patterns, Megaphone Pathways, Visual needs, Nourishments, Designs,  Drawings; use architects, research, Permaculture, Financial Permaculture, Town Commissions & GU learning to design my LLL Land Learning Laboratory model-home to support me with a (LAST)ing community that offers as I divined (enumerated in J) OOPS as a right livelihood.

My Goal is to maximize this Living-Learning Path every way possible with the players that enter my picture to keep cost down, hand-building an exterior envelope with high passive solar & geothermal efficiency  & a mindful NVC/RC focus. This packet is a precursor to give ubiquitous ‘shelter’ universally applicable twists. All aspects of Home will be researched for my Capstone Year ‘Model Home’ Project, including Transition Town style.


Home is an evolution. My home has been  a drawer, a shack with no water tending an infant child helping my husband realize his dream of owning a summer camp. It’s also been a 6,000 sq ft waterfront Carriage house bought cheap & renovated to make a tidy profit, & a loft demolished to remove old mercury. It has been a treehouse on Pender Island alone for a month with one rain-water barrel while self-photographing my seeking water.  All my pathways that first came in orientation are following me. All my years I never stopped making art. And now... I feel my life in this output. By creating, feeling, experimenting, adjusting, honoring,  luxuriating, making do, beginning again, even in play, my adult heart & mind at age 18 months was curiously knowing.

The 2008 economic hit urged me into years of keen collaborative observation for my Lyons doll-size home’s delayed renovation. Winter sheetmulch-strawbale gardens worked as top priority, saved $ & health. Shaped-branches & strawbales satisfied my parked-away studio.  Look for these clues. I might’ve pined for my large master-papermaking spaces, yet, as time became a hell of a time, my body got used to dry sun radiating from redrock. Small spaces hold a lifetime of outdoor/indoor action-corners tools, tomes, files, fotos, journals. Renovation melted backwards into my largest held belief in NoTime. While I’ve grown to love shrinking, I’m ready for expansion mode to again create space, to then set an i-Ching flip-flop narrowing down, with Land-Art-Culture projects to regenerate me & my town. Like my vision of Georgia O’Keefe skipping over mountains at age 96 at Abiqui, recapturing Home becomes a life-work with many sub-novels written into earth’s & my skin.

I woke days ago writing notes for a Novel that spun into 20 more novels (Train Wreck excerpt). This is a sign, OP 5 my entry.

A newer fuller way of expression that becomes a replicable model...

Surveying buffers: weaving a fence between these bushes & trees can filter highway exhausts

MODES OF LIVING to survey:

1 Recapture inside/outside modes of living, self reliance. Spun-out life/art projects.

Re-catalog books and art in one space. minimizing energy use.

3 Perform and teach old skills I need to save. Make instruments available to jam. Continue relaxing puzzle table. Reserve the old desk for hand-writing. Build a street-edging kiosk. Revive Water Mark studio/press as mecca. How we use our homes is an essential part of the survey.

4 Walk safely, use all nooks for function & aesthetics. Style inside + what vistas can be conserved?.

5 Survey the chance to make home ‘feelgood’, ‘restwell’, ‘projectworkready’.

Walking-distance of all amenities thought of as a Gaia U edgeway.

7 Gateway town to the wilderness of the Rockies surveyed  for climate change conforming policy for Water. Part of policy includes un-commodity currencies.

8 What history lurks behind the freedom to shape home after home? There must be strong tendency toward Evolutionary no-time, senza tempo of animal proportions spanning this survey.

9 Survey Raw nourishment & birthing of new cells as new Home making collaborations are tested & shaped.