Superskywoman op2A&R

SuperSKyWoman proposes a new designation of A&R for ecological Action Repair.

Traditionally, A&R (Artist & Repertoire) is known in the music field for finding new talent. A&R necessitates listening to the song (that connects) with keen senses.

A&R (Action & Repair) for Town government is no different.

This A&R is a way for town to re-image itself as a self-sustaining super-em-power, a Star, a Model.

The suggested action is of replacing an old industrial wastewater filtration treatment plant and its embodied air emissions, with an Eco / Living Machine hyperwetland beneficial system. This Action Repair is meant to change government perception for making improvements, replacing one-deed-at-a-time problem fixing by linking living systems that intersect into win-win connections. Exposition appears in (Wastewater As Is), (Wastewater To Be), and (Contract). Beneficial system allies in (Output Specification) and (Intersections), synergize clean air and safe river effluent. (Movie #1) is a piece of the water puzzle & (Movie #2) a spiritual sign of wastewater deliverance.

Her town, a mile-wide bowl of redstone twined with riparian corridor and confluence of rivers is stepping up from an old centralized pattern of industrial energy-contracts to localized renewable energy-systems. Watershed action, from source to sink is a natural pattern-to-detail design opportunity. She presents her case for phasing in a John Todd polyculture Living Machine for the ailing industrial monoculture Wastewater Treatment Facility.

SuperSkyWoman is singggingggggg, caringggg, preparingggg certified Permaculture champions and community allies for living wastewater technology.

She hovers in orbit, observes the whole, touching down, sowing seeds. She lands on the EDC (Economic Development Council), CAC (Citizen’s Advisory Council) and is appointed to lead SFC (Sustainable Futures Commission) Localization – Food, economy, permaculture, and Water consumption, conservation & quality goals, strategies and solutions. She listens, notes needs, presents her research.

An amended Town Comprehensive Plan gets implemented for the coming 10 years. She sees contradictions: how an MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) finds ripe niche in municipalities. She weighs a performance contract between town, corporation and EPA. Can she get help to weave a shovel-ready Living Machine plan into a long-term municipal performance contract for the Treatment Plant?

This A&R is a strategic puzzle that intersection-building and integrative goal-setting brings. What is set off in this chain reaction? This is your enticement to richness of interactions like the making of an eagle’s nest, affecting any one simple economics-as-usual act: to not overburden one’s nest with mechanical “fixes” that become top-heavy and disable, but to upgrade and redesign the Plant to highest lasting use, returning its co-opted Megamachine life to a cycling zero-waste system + constellations of local benefits.

Nature is not without humor! Eagle is oblivious to its overburdened nest until it topples. Similarly, conventional Wastewater treatment misses how to keep its nest streamlined, continually branching its functions to clean waters and air, and offering optimal conditions for birthing a safe effluent.

Welcome to A&R (Action Repair) to Replace the old Wastewater Filtration Plant with Intersecting Beneficial Connections!

How many intersections meet here in one A&R?

Do a sequel to Things We Pay For ,1988 book with minted water currency, this is Water’s idea: 2008, in Emily Harvey Foundation Residency in Venice, Italy.

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Water flows and sinks are directed where needed in variety of ways: Yeoman’s Keyline following contour, high ridge spreads, slow sink, swales, gabions, sheetmulch, curb cuts, rain gardens, constructed wetlands, clay pots, Gravity feed, perennials, bulbs & roots attracting organism/worm aeration. Hyperwetlands     

nourish sideways then diagonal, down to river flotation islands, or other filtering devices, reach River clean, as white water.

    This is the snapshot she took with her eyes of eaglenest...

After years of piling favorite furniture in her nest in her chosen tree, it becomes top heavy, topples, and Eagle needs to find a new tree new nest to build again.