Restore our Commons: The Great Test


Regeneration of the Commons (Water, Air, Seeds, Land, Habitat, access to all that living beings need to survive)  has never been so critical. Fracking & GMOs taking away the rights of all living beings is imbedded in their technologies touted as needed to feed the world and fulfill un-renewable Oil subsidized dreams. Greater than 600 toxic & banned substances snuck into drinking water by protected trademark, in the runaway ego that refuses to accept water’s sacred rights, violating politicians subsidize the OIL & GAS companies one well at a time to avoid EPA regulation, enabling trillions of gallons of water use for each well 10 X reused, enough gas for export. The gas powerful elite, trumps their dirty toxic debilitating STUFF into our farmers’ waters & now into cities, near schools.

CELDF to the rescue:

Democracy School. Online! Watch it for your life! & learn the vast chasm between statutory towns / cities, empowerment of Home Rule & changing hierarchies for people & nature’s rights. Richard Grossman brings this strategizing back from teach-ins of the early 90’s. You will learn the history that got us here, where it became couched in slavery, the railroads, even in the woes of Dartmouth College trying to change its charter from its checkered past. Do your DUE DILIGENCE! Use search functions.

At same time Monsanto bought infamous mercenary killer of the world’s commons, Blackwater. Our indigenous people tell us! Monsanto is the new devil replacement for cheap oil killing our universe. Its agenda is to supplant old & organic seed with frankenseeds that will not germinate, stuff their GMO seeds in seed banks with soft names that go un-noticed. Will you tell everyone to blast the GMO story out to space? Our commons: space, air, water, earth, seeds, food, organisms, animal life, & humans not incidentally in the hands of Monsanto?  Earth speaks & cries & laughs through us. Be loving em-powerful. Make Earth laugh. Note the loss of First people’s commons in Hazel Henderson’s table of New Markets & New Commons...

Health of our Local Habitats: take one huge proactive action...

Go to ‘da Health Blog, enter your action!

I Watched The World According to Monsanto!!

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A short definition of Commons history is the clearing of the Commons, ending up in privatization of the most important Water, Air, Seeds, Land, our hydrological cycle, our basic nourishments, our wetlands & buffers eating up toxics, habitat for all-species, access to shorelines, oceans & bodies of water: all commons provide life to persist on this planet, & enables humans to live on without $ or cost provided by jobs. Parity, independence, well-being depends on a healthy Commons.