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Home /Town Regenerative Waters- Welcome to my OP8

    Deep healing from deep water from deep trouble is a process progression in concert with rising memes. Attention is due to Waters everywhere. I travel daily between systems of HOME, GARDEN & TOWN, with Metaglue (the Bridge) & Microglue (the Bridging) in hand. A long & not simple ongoing process, it has no end report. HOME: A large under-budgeted redesign for self-sustaining my life encounters water use restrictions. In-the-works is a holacratic Eco-regenerating set of Permaculture processes for growing FOOD, utilizing maximum passive energy & Un/Business planning for my Office Of Permaculture Sustenance (OOPS). Indeterminacy & the Shift are part of my Regenerative Reaches underlying process.

    My invitation to Jonathan Todd to heal Lyons’ Wastewater sludge with his optimal bio-diverse EcoMachine, is complex but alive after introducing it with my OP 2, A&R (Action Repair). Our  Town Administrator points-the-way for JTED’s feasibility study.


     EcoMachine is a category, ripe with attractions, not one off-the-shelf item. It breaks the monoculture mold of our culture with Permaculture systems design. Synergistic with Regenerative Process, an EcoMachine provides no top-of head bids to compare, no conclusive quantified perfection to win approval. The Todd process is collaborative stacking, receiving design by rolling a self-organizing Stakeholder Design Team, Regulatory approval and Feasibility study into one integrated process. Scheduling organizes risk.

    The saying, to be in  ‘Deep Water’ means trouble is brewing. An understatement. I allow positive & problematic Deep Water Regeneration into my inner/outer Life, Home, Town, Body & Work. Wanting good health, I discover structured i-Water keeps my body resilient, delivering deep-healing moisture to each layer of skin. My winter garden is in its innocent plastic-covered snow & wind-resisting iteration. Water-gulping antagonists get too close to home:  Frackers, GMO offenders, big-Colorado River-diversion Black-magicians. I testify with no let-up. Democracy School strategizes Constitutional Law, while contaminated waters reek close at our heels. I return later in OP9 to the Commons, and my Healing module.

     ‘Proverbial’ waters are tested by our Economic Development Council (EDC). They love what they hear from surrounding Downtown Colorado Towns on sustainability & self-investment, yet slip back & deal in big money, big taxes, & big box formula-business. As liaison to the EDC, I bring a Permaculture vision for each question they try to solve. The real question is, “What legal construct safeguards our town’s choice to be sustainable?  Home Rule or Statutory?”  We must know. Oh, really,  Must we know?

    Where is our realm of the possible? We’re experiencing shifting waters. SuperSkyWoman is to me what Superman was to Clark Kent. I power-lift at dangers to water independence & Regenerative Reaches.

I’ve chosen Regenerative Reaches as the Matrix for my Capstone Year Gaia U IESD Masters degree & Regenerative Waters in Home, Garden, Life & Town Systems the topic of my OP8,

Vintage Motors commercial land next door, trees have been razed for old cars to be sold, red earth flows to the street ...
V-shaped clouds regenerate my sky and my eye ...
red cedar fence blown out patched by my hand & fallen limbs, lives as a shelter
limbs cut into natural arbor generate privacy & a lookout from my cottage on the 2 highways that meet here...
Widening the fence to get a front gate will facilitate water to serve the North garden.

Along the driveway, keep the food growing, regenerate by sheet- mulching, making earth, grow worms & throw back saved seed...
In the clarifier and out to the digester, Jonathan Todd & Hui Lin light up with better equations for cost benefits of our existing wastewater facility in the floodway & floodplain...../WW-OP8-Year_2_2-Links/JTED_Report_Arrives.html../WW-OP8-Year_2_2-Links/JTED_Report_Arrives.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1
Eco-Machine is a naming of a largesse, a process that contains any number of fixes, designs, iterations, synergies, biodiversities of root & plant that together make up a system known for its regenerative properties & beautiful sense- driven splendors- waste as food- an old ‘way’ of reinhabiting our place-
We talk about Jonathan Todd’s planned design team after a lesson on Beavers at Rocky Mt National Park. The Ranger wants to be invited. Naturally, He gets regenerative water ‘s significance...
define regenerate

A red light starts the water regenerating as it enters the WW facility-this is the ‘way’ with industrial systems.

This field is a portrait of my town’s brain
This collage is a portrait of my home’s vulnerability
My Output & Project is the R & D of my Process