Welcome to my year 2 #4 Left Brain View of Art Regenerates eARTh


I pull my crazy head down to eARTh. Art is found within the word eARTh. It surpasses methods & isms that beginning artists learn. Advanced Art crosses into life itself, confrontational, experiential. It presents a jeopardy of ceremonial village loss: attrition of life systems & species biodiversity. I notice Gaia affected in all cultures. Wars bring on protest & peace, institutionalizing reciprocal conflicts. Booms & Busts are set to take cultures out, destroy & obliterate. Centralized power-over manipulates beings into terrorists, fugitives, criminals. Indigenous peoples had a real commons. Earth lovers, tree huggers & conservationists seek localized living relations & these ecological self-sufficiencies.

I call on my BIS Body Information System learned with 53 Senses Nature connections by jumping over centralized control.

Art within eARTh births from both reason / clarity, & inuendo / intrigue to fuse in one whole brain writing. Art discerns & questions Earth’s need for regeneration. A whole brain is both doing in order to be being & being in order to be doing: the illuminati & Federal Reserve’ privatization of life forms VS Indigenous Commons & Indigenous Permaculture; our megamachine grid & industrial assembly-line monocultures VS rosy-cheeked first-growth forest peoples untouched by the Coke Bottle, living a deeply-exchanging place, holding mandate to secure unbroken life-processes.

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