Projects 2: Awakening / My Healing Practices


Am integrating what I live by into my living. For instance:

Asking Nature

Tom Griner’s book What’s Really Wrong with You - muscle spasm

        A major learning: massage across the fascia instead

        of up & down. Same for when I pull a muscle stretch

        too far & am hurting. The body learns to adjust to this

        treatment and will eventually respond immediately &

        I can keep on moving freely, where in the past it may

        have taken up to two weeks to recover with hot & cold

        it has become simple, move fingers around the pain

        then roll the fingers over the fascia back & forth for

        a minute or two, keep finding the trigger points until

        all are found & massaged. This takes out the muscle

        spasm with no further treatment.




            Bye Buy click on Coco Gordon for the Bye Buy show



            Let’s Perm Exchange

                at the 1999 Venice Biennale 300 persons

                exchange their personal permaculture stories

                for my massage, intimate revelations of health

                problems in the body & on the land are told

            Self Photo set-ups to find my ‘on location’ in a

                ‘primal place’, I have to figure out how to make    

                that healing situation & result believable to elicit                

                a correspondence with the viewer &


         Art Initiatives- Unframed Intelligence

                4 months feeding worms

                my compost in NYC window

                watching the worms make

                castings, talking in the street

                about worms sing, worms don’t 

                make noise, answer Q’s

                about the benefits & how to’s of

                composting in the city, with the

                people that pass by...

        Dream Performances 1979-1987 in

                public places that go 33 hours

                dreaming followed by 33 hours 

                in superconscious talk mode, we

                get to reveal & compare

                our dreams, new drawings of

                static in our daily lives, of GMO

                chromasome change created

                by dropping rolled handmade

                paper pulp from my sleeping

                berth in the WindoPeace©

                Action Art, Action teaching

        Reiki- to self & long distance

        Microcosmic Orbit, Qi Jong (Chi Kung 1 Mantak Chia)

            (Coco Go, Knee)

            Served as artist guide in Treviso Italy for ArtWays of Thinking,

            leading 100 people in learning to heal themselves with

            Microcosmic Orbit & Tai Chi, documented in Knee


        Pull & Play in the universe, my fingerprint opens up

                as a spiral out of my SuperSkyWoman book

Indigenous Healing with a Quileuete Elder 1988-1991 audio documented

Earth Whisper Training for this OP with Rennie Davis, audio here


Water Mark Archives in the OOPS (Office of Permaculture    

    Sustenance) 2006-present - Super SkyWoman’s new Business

    Case for Healing Cultures, planned in my first Gaia U year, in process...


Megaphones in EER (Evolution, Revolution & Epiphany) finding my

    Regenerative Reaches & Healings, analyzed by EER

Sacral Cranial- I was used as guinea pig for Ildiko Viczian’s certification

Cellular Continuum movement- Emily Conrad D’Aoud, learned from Miodini as she wrote for my Solo catalog Il Sogno Del Tempo 1988-90, Messina Italy. Micro-movement inside the body puts empowerment on-the-ready

whenever I want to condition my body to stay on alert & feel more

alive; this kind of healing was developed for people who cannot move, to    

feel progressively more & more movement-alive inside their bodies.

Land Learning Lab

        UnMegamachine Courses for a L.A.S.T. (Locally Active Sustainable        


        Elves & Learning Budget Wonderworkers- learning together

        Poetry & Art in Eco Politic- another whole world of disability healing


Healing courses and certifications:

            Reiki certification, Italy with Master, Luca Barberis

    Mantak Chia Qi Jong 80’s NY

    Tai Chi NY 80’s NY- the body’s core defenses

    Anne Wigmore 80’s NY- raw foods, health, nutrition

    Alan Kapuler 80’s NY Old seeds, coevolutionary map

    Alexander technique 80’s

    Traeger technique 80’s

    Body Mind Centering technique with Ildiko Viczian

    Body Movement Expression + Simone Forti late 80’s

    Contact Improv, The Performance Project 1980

    Chakra work with Linda Montano 80’s

    Crystals with Andreana in Genova 80’s

    Bach Flower Remedies courses 1980’s & 90’s

    The Work that Reconnects, Joanna Macy 2008

    Awakening the Dreamer Pachamama 2009

    Inner Transition Training, Boulder CO 2008 & 9

    Permaculture Certification 1996 Dancing Green

    2nd Certification 1997 Bill Mollison & Scott Pittman


Compost set-up on myself, I proactively become like the worms’  Unframed Intelligence...

I use all healing methods I have learned in various combinations on myself & for others without charge (an indigenous attribute). Considering  indigenous friends I have worked with, I have another story of healing to gather in the future so profound, it belongs in a white-magic slot, one of trance, stories, learnings of my first clan, new craft skills & spontaneous journeys made with trust and awe, you can see the birthing stone that stayed invisible for decades, here.

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