Output specification

This Output Specification gives an overview from basic fact to meta levels.

Parameters, scales, connecting of dots, building water allies, main aspects of project elements and structure, experimental thoughts, feelings and spiritual sense all intersect from SuperSkyWoman creating this A&R, Action & Repair to Replace the old Wastewater Filtration Plant with Beneficial Intersecting Connections. Her overall approach is Inner work of Permaculture intersection building, a spiritual case for Water-Allies and reviving a Commons to share.

Derivations: Wastewater to be comes from Wastewater as is, the Contract and Movie 1.

Asking Herself brainstorm comes from Morph processing.

1st Outline connects Intersecting dots.  Acceptance of Allies is built into Intersections of which Movie 2 is an experimental chance-found relationship provided by sound and spiritual sense of the Confluence proffering wastewater’s exit. Action spirals are made throughout. Images seek their own flow. Text nuggets under the photos give history of images seeking their flow. Habit-changing relationships are explored. Intersection-designs and Story-crossings implicitly humanize goals & strategies of the OP project.

SuperSkyWoman’s Outcome and Outputs Mindmap edited from Andy Langford ’s generic guide for GU Associates


      MAKING A


    MATRIX...     OOO

Flows of graphic and digital media deepen the Wastewater-to-Life Conversation, Process & Action.

There are energy flows borne from water handling, social flows from the scope of interactions, psychological flows imbedded in use and abuse, budgetary flows to absorb red flags, relationship implications between all flows, and research flows that open up beneficial connectivity.

SuperSkyWoman shows how one design Matrix investment, the Living Machine, can have multiple output influences.

Indigenous pre-writing oral-style redundancy informs memory, strength and reciprocity. An i-web presentation helps construct one holistic web of resilience.

Five Pathway Reflections

1. The Learning Contract shows how project action choices are derived three ways: by organic Evolution, unexpected Epiphany or sudden-jolt Revolution/Impulse to take action. She first set out to make OP2 posit a healthy balance between misplaced Edema in Body and Earth and the tempering effects of wild humor/doodles/music. However, a town-corporate attempt to lock in a longterm municipal performance contract (see Contract section), screamed, “Wastewater Treatment Process Needs Investigation: Take Revolutionary Responsibility!” This inner jolt created OP2 and is shaking her life / Gaia U interrelationship. Grateful? yes!

2. This Output Packet follows an interface with town Trustee, Staff and Commission players to introduce meaning beyond hard fix-it facts to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. SuperSkyWoman engages an action unlearning/learning process as template for making holistic choices to effect closed-loop-ecological economics. Reflecting together on beneficial relationships prepares for healthy life-system attitude decisions.

3. SuperSkyWoman kicked in to impart inter and inner-connective Permaculture process, from General Pattern to Specific Detail, convincing an outdated industrial monoculture design into a living systems design. Her main reflection was a crucial pathway through the project: to bring in more Nature stability and greater yield from intersecting functions that are already implicit in Eco-Living Machine designs. She reflected on immense longterm total life-cost benefit using a Nature-nurture Integrative Infinite Bottom Line.

4. Practical Notes: Superskywoman observed essentials of local politics, and waited out 3 contentious Electoral Ballot Propositions, to rejoice at positive results before concluding this OP. Practical notes appear throughout as images, and as subtexts. She is participating in a large paradigm shift, implementing infrastructure change, away from monoculture didactic expert-action mode to team community-integrated group-work mode.  A&R is being tested for creating cooperative talent.

5. New developments: The Mayor is considering introducing this project’s living treatment research into the corporation’s efficiency-contract which would give Lyons great potential for sustainable ‘Regeneration’ notoriety and model replication elsewhere. A panoply of allies are bonding: Town individuals, Mayor, Town Administrator, Lawyers, Staff, Commissions, County, Governor’s Energy Office and EPA to team up with Permaculture, Green business and possibly revisit Charrette-informed design allies for Water.

Donella Meadows, Thinking in Systems, Chelsea Green 2008. What would this flow  look like in water currency, defining layers and scales for an Action repair MATRIX?

from basic facts to meta levels

To read this OP, Please Start with the first page, then continue to the next. One can later bounce back and forth between the pages to make one’s own intersecting connections. Comments are welcome.

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