1st outline:
Connecting A&R Dots...

OP2 Elements and Sections

Watershed Wishes come true
We’re in a bowl, we want to be in a bowl, the tighter the better
to map contours with seat of the pants bunyips (water-levels) 
and A-frames, setting off from the ridges, widened and contained by swales, thatched branches, gabions traversing, spreading wide, 
slow waters to sink into earth tanks, the land’s memory. Basins of matrix relationships reach down to the rivers St Vrain. We are headwaters of a vast drainage to east and west of the Divide that drains to both oceans.
We owe water good handling. Watershed design management? any family runs through it, waters become absorbed down to impermeable layer to recharge water tables: into this we share a refreshed real basis for currency. We learn to do site designs for watersheds. Hear more?

Water Currency, Why?
Floating plastics trash landlines shorelines roads waters.
The water feels smothered. When I ask it Qs it riddles.
Humor is part of water. At least that’s how SuperSkyWoman  
reads its suggestion to create a water currency. Water will 
make people laugh as SuperSkyWoman donates to causes,
with a little flower on her lapel that shpritzes, water tells her. 
Water will arouse light feelings from heavy change this 
socio-political act poses. 
Read more?

Historical discovery
Water wisdom makes SuperSkyWoman think, Out of the box 
exchange-mechanisms: Develop a local bank. Discovery in the Historical Museum, a teller cage (mystery story). Smell its age. Who could buy back the original property? Or use it to re-stage a local bank...
Ask Stephen Belgin and Bernard Laetier (Author of LETS), 
what’s been left out of their books on currency...
Hmmmmmm, how about that parallel water currency?


Connecting the dots...How the deal (contract) is made
when deportation of all sense is replaced by flow  
of easy money, we see graffiti artists imploring us. 
Asking for biological upgrades to town Wastewater 
Treatment Facility, what is not known falls off the radar, 
such as Permaculture hyperwetland design and Charrettes. 
Not understanding implications of corporate performance 
efficiency contracts, what if we don’t see what we get? 
How do we motivate the real problem into the real solution?  
Go out of the box...

Charrette Forgotten
Charrette, past and future. 1998 Comprehensive Plan by Charrette.
2010 does anyone remember, a Charrette designed the Comp Plan?
Suggest a new design Charrette for each town renovation, each bringing water down from the brink. Did she dream someone offered a Charrette? Done by Charrette, doing by charrette, we DID that by Charrette. Yes. The dream is prompted by something said or done previously. Must be all that water in the body. Reminder at Bioneers: A Charrette is a design tool where all come together to present their best design.


Made of wood, clay, mixed metals, cast, broken, carrying immune disrupters there on the pharma, sludge in/out/in/out, chemical fixes, one good UV killer looks sexy blue Zap! Is negated by non-compostable “feedstuff” at the beginning of the treatment facility. More toxic “stuff” at the end. In/out in/out a water/sludge/freeing/binding cycle, “Stuff”persists. How do plastics get into this closed system? And storm drain disuse to river? Who was so clever to create all those needs and jobs for producing useless products to throwaway? It’s not what a sewer is made of, it’s why. 

A Better System

Introduce a better system:
SSW Research: Living Machines.
Study John Todd’s 
Eco Mandala.webarchive.
Examples found...Metrics found...
A Binder delivered to Town 
The Mayor wants one too 
to show Honeywell?...Yes
Can one educate an economically 
impoverished conception?
Seems so...How to listen well...

Intention in the Comprehensive 
Plan ready for action, support it. 
Know how it is being implemented...

Show the Business Case for whole 
system Wastewater gains, as in
H Lovins The Business Case for Climate Protection.pdf

Election Twist

Time pulls an unexpected twist on November 
Colorado election ballot items Prop 60, 61 & 101. 
SSW waits for election returns to finish OP2. Whew! 
These items would have virtually cut out car registration fees that fund municipality services, call back long term bonds, reissues all at 10 years, 
cause tripling charges to resident’ utility bills. Hidden realities unveiled to the people with a pervasive campaign give towns more time to learn to 
provide services with ingenuity and currency that stays local.

In The Comp Plan

Balancing The will of The People, 
who are The People really? 
One Real estate mogul runs a full moon drum circle.
Another rehabilitates Haiti introducing women to sew on old 
treadle machines. Another Old timer champions dark skies 
with down lighting and counts wells in town... 
What do wells have to do with new rainwater laws? 
Graywater catchment is allowed only to those with failed 
wells. Do our water dance... 
Follow the cleanup that follows the stream...

A New...

Ask, is the way open for common water, air, shelter, forage?
Why are methods for cleaning wastewater known but seldom used, existing but often removed?
A New Town Administrator loves kiosks, acts as liaison, will work with
A New idea for wastewater treatment + SSW + now the mayor 
A New slew of wayfaring signs along the riparian corridor?
A New way for Village Building Convergence (VBC) presented.
A New SFC Chair appoints new leads, SSW’s purview = Water.
A New memory is imprinted directly by how we treat water. 
Dignity Village Lessons: 200 sq ft homes for the homeless who 
limit water use, no margin for waste, planting filters water. 

Satellite University?

How to get a worldview to follow the river...
Town expresses a wish to house a University satellite,
Naropa? Gaia U? University of Sky? A Musing, a
Thinking, a Delighting along the riparian way? 
Stop and test your muscle... Slow water has much to say.
The St Vrain river winds under the highway. 
Plan slow-water-stops in high traffic...Natural speed eddies, slowinggggg.
Town is a highway AND a river town AND a migration route.

Transition Town Metastesizes
Transition Town deepens: celebrates heart and soul
Transition Column in local newspaper. Can
Transition Sponsor Rain gardens chinked into curbs from mid to low end 
of town before culverts dive to the river? Can
Transition Change the definition of a Colorado ditch? Can  
Transition Slow money Slow water Slow wildlife and wetland?

Permaculture Arrives
The town landscaper gets Perm certified.
The town re-skiller gets Perm certified.
A Permaculture grad teaches indigenous Perm 101.
Where does Water Filtration and Wastewater begin and end? 
Can we design our watershed top to bottom?

How about an OOPS (Office Of Permaculture Sustainability)?
Can we honor our Elders map of a Community Clearinghouse?
How about UNMEG Un-Megamachine classes?
What’s right with outdoor classrooms recycling wastewater? 
Next tasks: Handbuild: Rain gardens, Kiosks, Mandalas...
Where is water’s weakest link?

BOT Liaisons
4 new Board members check toxic chemical spraying. 
What does it do to water recharge?
A Board member asks SSW for no-spray weed control
protocol. Is there a need for a Weeds ‘n Water 101? How much 
water is used in spraying? In irrigation? The BOT creates
A new Green Thumb Board? How can that be?
Old single function expert mode & outmoded rights laws 
persist. Who has the right-of-WAY? Right way?
A Board member asks SuperSkyWoman to ask for 
a zero waste town. No need, observe and wait, it’s done: 
SFC appoints a Zero waste program Lead +  free consultant 
donated by Boulder County. Compost bins win a grant. 
Now the big kahuna: How will biological Wastewater Treatment become a zero-waste facility? Link LInk, Yeah! those microbes, Yeah! those mollusks, shrimp!, who is eaten by whom, In-kind contributions for the Zero waste campaign Natural Capital Solutions’ own CEO, a Lyons resident. Will he champion Wastewater when we need it? 
Ever think of town gov’t as a replenishing gravity flow?

Developer fallin’-ins 

A developer promotes sustainability at LACC (Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce) social. Another Developer proposes moving the country’s central office of sustainability from Washington D.C. to our small town. Run with this. Watershed design next!  Then a No GMO town.
Along river-runs, adopt a water devil, water witch, watercourse...

CDOT Education
Educate CDOT (Colorado Dept of Transportation) to do curb cuts for water run-off rain gardens. Mollison avows, “earth tanks” are greatest water tanks of all...and rivers are end points of usefulness.
All town waters run for the river and make it there too soon. 
Slow it, Spread it, Sink it. Road builders need new water-slowing tricks.
When they get there, prototype pervious & solar roads. Start with the pads under new compost bins. Why is our water so clean they will ask?
Turn CDOT into rain mavens...

RTD success
New buses & routes & a free ecopass overtake town water work at SFC. It’s immediate of course, results! whereas water? Colorado 
old rights served first, possessory laws are a slow-to-change affair.
And Yet, hmmmm, locally empowered?1st_Outline_files/Eco%20Mandala.webarchive1st_Outline_files/H%20Lovins%20The%20Business%20Case%20for%20Climate%20Protection.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
Let us thank the Water!
The real stuff, going from carbon currency to water currency to save the perishable...

From the Traghetto, Venice waters are banked with accumulating plastic...

Stop deporting contracts that allow real future gains...

Every Living Machine is variously designed for its own microclimates...

The heart is known to have more brain cells than the brain & can repair itself...




A&R  Welcome

    Output Packet Description




Output Specification and Focus

         Pathway Reflections

Main Body:

Wastewater As Is

        What’s the Plan?

        Monoculture Industrial Treatment Facility

        Expert or Multifunction Charrette Design?

Performance Contract Corporate + Govt +Town


        Pro & Con

Wastewater To Be

        Living machines

        Research & Development

        Benefits & Challenges

Intersections, Allies

        Intersecting water’s allies, her allies

        Joining them

Movie 1: Finding Deliverance at the Confluence

Movie 2: Time for Watering?

1st Outline Connecting A&R Dots

        Integrating Factors of Intersection


Morph from OP1B to OP2

        Becoming A&R by Revolution

Asking herself - A Learning Journal Brainstorm    

            Who are the players?

            What went wrong?

            Getting the Metrics right...

                What kind of metrics do YOU use?

            What is the Strategy?

            Where are the Sinks?

            Where is the Integration?

Water Speaks: a play

        Make a Water Currency

            Interviewing Water

Photo Gallery


       Tags, Glossary, Digiphon, Outcomes,

        Opening the Political Process,

        Measurements to trust,


Output Reviews


all the Intersecting Factors:

Andy Langford challenges SuperSkyWoman to name a new GU style Venture capital

EGGVENTURE  who has the egg, who makes the chicken? EXISTS
ADVENTURE Capital  exists with similar use
ECOVENTURE Capital - ditto
NatureVenture Capital - ditto
TRANSVENTURE Capital- ditto
INVENTURE Capital - ditto
EARTHVENTURE Capital - ditto
Edge Venture Capital - ditto
EAVcapital Earth Active Venture EXISTS
A-capital (heart of Art & Hearth) EXISTS

Not taken:
A-Venture (clever as in What a venture!)
VENTUREGG  (Eco Government Growth)
VENTUREeco Capital
E-earthVenture Capital 
E-capital (e=eco)

The heart of a mechanical wastewater plant is not machines but maintenance

The heart of an organic carrot’s crispy succulent taste cannot be surpassed...

(Masuru Emoto documents water’s structure changes tied to emotions & music).

Where are the New Cochabambas? Bolivia won that water war with Bechtel.

A New Local Venture Capital
Behind the scene, A new Local Venture Capital
SuperSkyWoman explores 
a catchy way to bring in capital for wastewater. See more?

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