Wastewater to be:

In 1989 Dr. Todd decided it was time to offer a cost-effective, renewable or what is now commonly referred to as “green” solution to the growing global wastewater crisis. The company Dr. Todd founded, John Todd Ecological Design, has constructed dozens of Eco-Machine wastewater treatment systems based on Dr. Todd’s visionary ecological philosophy and award-winning practical designs in eleven countries on five continents around the world. Today, headed by Jonathan Todd, John Todd Ecological Design commercializes Dr. Todd’s discoveries with an approach that is well suited for reuse applications in municipal and a variety of commercial wastewater environments including commercial residential designs. Many of the installed systems are zero discharge systems; all the treated water [can be reused on site before prescribed effluents continue downstream]. Services include comprehensive construction design, consulting, and facility operations services to public and private clients throughout the world. [Clients are provided] with cost-effective aesthetic solutions to wastewater and storm water treatment, aquatic environment management, and bio-solids conversion.

John Todd Ecological Design is a pioneer in the use of natural systems for the removal of chemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, endocrine disruptors, and other detrimental water pollutants. Remediation of impaired natural water bodies and soils [is envisioned as a major part of its future work].

Water & the Commons, a Case for good use of Living Machines                        by SuperSkyWoman

The commons was never meant to be owned, traded, invested in for overuse and profit. Nor to keep the dweller on the land impoverished of the most basic right, that of the single most necessary component of life to be withheld from all species.

Water in Colorado has been diverted by private interests: irrigation, drilling, faulty use for farming monoculture crops and GMO use. With use of water in drilling for oil, fracking, gas & coal, and investors owning water rights on your land, the commons is universally disappearing, appropriated.

IGA (intergovernmental Agreement) (Treated Water Service)

For Lyons Colorado

Proposed 2010 Agreement

1.  Clarify the operation and maintenance of the pump station to follow past practice.  Longmont will only be responsible to maintain equipment within the Pump Station related to the pumping and conveyance of

potable water.  Lyons will be responsible for the operation of the Pump Station and maintenance of all other equipment and materials at the Pump Station not maintained by Longmont.


2.  Reduce the base amount of the Fixed Dedication to account for the subtraction of the sewer services from the number of Service Connections.

  1. 3. Define daily demand to not include emergencies for purpose

of determining the additional System Availability Charge.

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You are the river you are alive you are the river clean downstream flowing in you with you as
Hit the youtube link again you nourish all downstrem feeling being water in the best and only sense,
you are the water & want to feel it alive again! o

the carbon calculator:

SuperSkyWoman looks to EcoMachines to integrate all living water systems the way NATURE cycles wastes. After six thousand years of sewer system domination, Wastewater systems become biological cycling value-added processes to target Zero waste and carbon reduction with live metrics that also measure how we feel (quality of life). Cleaner effluent travels downstream. Design begins at ridges with watershed storm drainage slowing to merge with wastewater effluent below.  Measurements OBREDIM, SWOT and SADI are in the Summary Glossary.


Conventional chemical and biological wastewater treatment systems are in widespread use. This has perpetuated the myth that water treatment, naturally an ecological process, can be simplified by excluding complexity above a physiochemical or microbial level. This perspective has stunted the development of whole systems treatment technologies and the wastewater field in general. Contemporary treatment processes for domestic and industrial sewage have evolved primarily from the requirement to decrease effluent biochemical oxygen demand (BOD 5) and so protect receiving waters. It is not surprising therefore, that the performance of a wastewater plant is gauged by this BOD decrease and is thus designed primarily on the basis of BOD loading. Advanced sewage treatment methods are process variations which exceed this simple BOD elimination and deal with biologically refractory materials (collectively expressed as COD) and phosphorus and nitrogen (Mudrack and Kunst,(4). These methods remove more contaminants from wastewater than are taken out by conventional treatment. One criticism of contemporary conventional wastewater treatment facilities is:

1: They generate large amounts of sludge which is often toxic and is thus environmentally stressful if disposed of by ocean dumping, land filling, spreading or incinerating.
2: They employ environmentally damaging chemicals to precipitate out solids, phosphorus and chlorine.
3: They fail to remove metals and synthetic organic compounds.
4: They are costly in terms of financial capital, energy and labor.
5: Engineering difficulties are still incurred with elimination of fine suspended solids, colloidal matter and dissolved substances.

You are the river Derek Jensen prepares you for you are the river Derek Jensen prepares you for...
Hit the youtube link before you read this page for you to feel being water in the best and only sense,
you are the water & want to see it alive again! o

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