Water waste, Water Life

There are three water systems in town: the first, stormwater, gravity down fast through steep terrain, ditches and conduits arrives at our confluence unfiltered, raw with whatever it gathers on the way down. This will change with Permaculture Watershed planning by starting at top ridges. The second water system is our Incoming flows of water already conditioned, treated by Longmont, and arrives into pump stations, distributed by our town becoming gray and black water with use. Antiquated pipes of different metals link up for people in the Planning area to receive metered water, needing a change-out of parts. The third system is Wastewater, which takes human, graywater and waterborne wastes from buildings through sewer lines, some very old, some broken, many still to be replaced, which arrives adulterated with plastics and a cornucopia of drugs eliminated in human waste. What escapes from septic systems enters both street stormwater and breaks in sewer lines. Once piped into treatment, wastewater undergoes many processes. A particle-juggling industrial process ensues. Fermentation and indigenous-to-the-system flies are central to our particular mechanical / manual process with microbial additions. Extractions of water, solids, additions of water, brewing and bubbling, tall pipes pumping upward bridging machines and their ware-housings, UV dosing, and polymer thickening require manning toxic residue separations that are manually sent to the dump. Bioremediation, Hyperwetlands and Aquaponics offer huge advances since this Filtration Plant’s last overhaul.

This little movie takes place where SuperSKyWoman finds tribute for our town waters, being played over and over for hours, symbolic of our town’s healings, musical heart, and appreciation for finding Deliverance at the Confluence - here where our local water systems sacredly culminate. Effluents outflow the St. Vrain Creeks North, and St. Vrain South downstream. This is where she asks her Nature friends important questions of the day and receives cryptic and often funny clues for answers, finding humor a trait of the Waters. All three systems are in need of help. HELP is on its way! LIving Machines solve wastewater treatment, Gabions PDC gabbions Arizona img017 copy.pdf and Swales solve runoff from above, rain-gardens and floating islands solve pollution on the way down, storm water effluents come clean for healthier river and fishing. Recharging our earth tanks from the top ridges down to old alluvial bottoms solves the lessening precipitation in this dry and warming land.

                                            Here is a base map of our St. Vrain Watershed.

At the Confluence
Finding Deliverance
Our Watershed=Basins of Relationships

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