Asking herself

From SyperSkyWoman’s Learning Journal:

David Abram - “For too long we’ve inured ourselves to the wild intelligence

of our muscled flesh, taking our primary truths from technologies that hold

the living world at a distance.”  -Becoming Animal 2010 Pantheon Books

  1. A.Who are the players? (social megaphone mindmap.png) kindom

  1. 1.Overhead Sprinkler Watering, no incentive to conserve

  2. 2.Park Host, sporadic watering.

  3. 3.Initial discing deeeeep tractoring removes organism mass.

  4. 4. Mowed lawns for parking, monoculture grid plots, too hard or too sandy

  5. 5.aquaponics’ fish die off, learn by doing. Get used to it, cleaning with plants is up and coming waste-water.

  6. 6.sheetmulching - converting water for winter use.

  7. 7.A water tank sets in. Is a constructed wetland an  upgrade to the parking field?

  8. 8. The quick PDC course reduced to skills, chickens, bees.

  9. 9.The old wastewater facility confused by Polymer?.

  10. 10.Compost can’t be used but filter ponds on way to river could work?

  11. 11. Town administrator brings experience & an open ear to kindom.

  12. 12. Does anyone understand the entire wastewater problem better than Nature?

B. What went wrong?

Squash bugs in the heirlooms, 3 hot months in a one hot month zone.

The monoculture model abides. Grasshoppers.

No understanding of permaculture gardening in town Community Garden rules.

Not allowed: cane fruit brambles, rubber tires, carpets (worms cry).

Plastic fence traps snakes & dog collars.

3rd year, no design, no infrastructure that works.

Tiny shed locks people in, collects hornets, a hive builds.

Air-watering sprinklers (Huh?), Round-up spray,

Buying water with huge bonded fund.

C. Getting the Metrics Right... what kind of Metrics do YOU use?

Instead of meaningless outcomes with no connecting dots,  Vicki Robbins on Whidby Island-says, “Live metrics in every thing we do, one thing designed to feed another, no waste in the system which boasts relationships, all source to sink successes.

$ for healthy communities Thomas Greco. Steve Belgian & Bernord Laetier’s new book on currency. Laetier invented the LETS currency system.

lawyers,  Still dependent on $ results, glamor of machines.

  1. D.What is the strategy? day Bohn Park makeover site design

presentation from new crop certified Permaculture Students.

On-site notes design the final presentation...UNLEARN: misused resources, misrulings, bad patterns, town loopholes in self-reliance education.

E. Where are the sinks?

Pollutants a toxic snowball, cars, highway, CDOT flowing us past fast, no sinks no pervious transport surfaces, emphasis on topical looks,

culverts, all have a $ equivalent in budget,

ditches, fast exits of dirty water to river,

a futsing slow fix of old sewers, septic leaks,

CDOT high curbs need cutting,

map source to sinks...there are many!

filter tree water purification.

self-sustaining in small doses changes habits.

F. Where’s the integration?

Depave, make a garden, hold that water in place!

No structural adjustments, no co-opting of land.

No stressed bees.

Unused streets, connect magic garden Commons?

Yes! Subscribe to Permaculture Activist

till we get it right!

The best slow water reservoir build-ups are in earth-soil tanks spread deep from top-down.


We don’t need a Green Thumb Commission, we already have permaculture to run weeds & trees through Colorado private interest’s specialist complexity...Coco Go

New slogan = ridges to rivers

Watershed work: Marsha Hanzi’s water retention

PDC P Actvist Marsha Hanzi img015 copy.pdf

from sand to gardens in Brazil. You can’t divorce

ground flowing water (stormwater) from sewer,

both run into the last point of exit, the river.

With a Bright light

Water signs out for now...

Can we ascribe to this kind of Kindom?


Gunter Pauli, The Blue Economy

Bohn Park Student PDC design notes, 2010

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