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BOD=Biochemical oxidation demand

TSS=Total Sedible Solids=lbs hydrolic solids in water

UV=Ultraviolet light to disrupt genetic pattern

Clarifier= separates solids & liquids

Supernate=liquid on top

Sludge=settled solids on bottom

Digester= microfiltration, aerates in dome


Oxygenate= where urea & feces nitrify

greywater=food source  (ironically, serves old and new methods very differently)

MOA=Memorandum of Agreement

Megamachine=Lewis Mumford’s brainchild

Living Machines=John Todd’s brainchild

Confluence= two rivers meet

OBREDIM: Observe, Boundaries, Resources, Evaluation, Design, Implementation, Maintenance
SADI: Survey, Analysis, Design, Implementation
SWOT: identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats of the project
Yeoman’s Relative Permanence Scale: order of attention to climate, land, shape, water, roads, trees, buildings, fences and boundaries, soil
McHarg: base map + overlays of where it shouldn’t go: too near residential area, forest, wildlife value, marsh, etc. Blank areas are the most ideal. Can include settlements, individual houses, farm buildings, new woodland, orchards.
Input-Output Analysis: establish what a system needs & produces: costs, maintenance, yield, shortfall of present resources. Chicken. System IN/OUT

COMMONS = there for all species’ basics of life to share (air water earth seeds)

COLORADO Law: For water retention (capture), most don’t know it is illegal to let stand more than 72 hrs. Yet 90% of graywater earth capture is legal.


I used i-Web, Photoshop, Pentax digital camera, i-movie, i-photo, learned garage band at the Apple Store, saved mindmapping templates, took a tour of wastewater inner sanctum, attended sustainability fairs.

Books, Articles Referred: David Abram, Becoming Animal, Pantheon, 2010; Original Instructions, Ed. Melissa K Nelson, Bear & Co.; Donella Meadows, Thinking In Systems, (Chelsea Green 2008); Permaculture Activist, Water Wise Issue 2010,  & Eco-nomics issue 2010; Walter K.Dodds and Robert M Oakes, “Water Influences on Downstream Water Quality” 11-13-2007;  Johnson, Brown & Robie, Captured Rainfall: Small Scale Water Supply Systems, State of California Bulletin 213 May 1981 (from Dave Jacke); Basins of Relations, Ed Brock Dolman, Water Institute, 2007, reprinted 2008; Growing Toward More Efficient Water use. EPA Report, January 2006; The View Form the Pulp Mill: The River as Sewer, Athabasca Environmental Association, presented at the Alberta Rivers Conference April 28, 1991; Website url’s given throughout the OP, Towards a Post-Engineering Perspective on Wastewater Treatment, Part of a final report to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Mass Foundation about OAI's activities at the South Burlington facility, + many  urls appear throughout this OP2A&R.


John Todd, PhD, David Benjamin, PhD and Jonathan Todd Presented at Climate Change Global Risks, Challenges & Decisions Conference- Copenhagen, March 10–12 2009, University of Copenhagen and the International Association of Research Universities: The authors discussed the theoretical basis for the concept, including a brief literature review of relevant work on the subject and the existence of carbon equivalent neutral or zero energy balance landscapes in the archaeological record. They put forward suggestions for possible directions and programs for R & D concerning the design and construction of such landscapes in the near and long term future, based on a recent paper by John Todd detailing the regeneration of the coal mining landscape of Appalachia into a low carbon region. The paper was judged as the winner of the first annual Buckminster Fuller award.

Opening the Political Process:

this is a multifaceted study from natural water treatment to ecological design to a carbon neutral program, winning the Buckminster Fuller Challenge:


From a mandala comes a universe of learning:

A Living Machine for Lyons would be the ultimate outcome of this OP2 A&R...

Measurements to Trust:

It takes 140 liters of water to make a cup of coffee

It takes 15,000 liters (4,000 gallons) to produce one kilo of wheat

When oranges are exported, the same weight of water is exported.

SuperSkyWoman calls this the cowardice of convenience

eat it where you grow it saves water.


Water’s Megaphone reaches us via Epiphanies, Evolution & Revolution. We mirror each other’s Neurons... 
O - O=O

SUPERSKYWOMAN  MAY NOT WALK ON WATER BUT SHE TALKS TO IT, performance at Estes Park Public Library CO, 2008

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