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this OP2Intersections_files/PDC%20Holmgren%20%26%20Mollison%20Principles.pdfIntersections_files/PDC%20Holmgren%20%26%20Mollison%20Principles.pdfhttp://cityrepair.org/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2

Dead zones, plucking out rope & net bag fragments saves a bird a fish a turtle, cycle the plastic into words, keeping things that won’t decay  in their own stream a’ la William McDonough...good for heart & mind to observe what is being ingested.

What it takes to integrate...
Willow Way Permaculture:

Compare embodied energy in conventional wastewater facility to this Permaculture farm’s organic polyculture acting as water filter for food, worm production, and herbal CSA. Nutritious weed tinctures and salves replace use of medicines that would disrupt immune systems and reach effluent waters. ||:Get the LINKS?:||

Complementary Water Systems:

In Lyons Double Gateway of the Rockies community, we empower flows that take residents and visitors through a slow pace. Park and river entries redefine our Highway Town. Can we keep our wastewater potable for the fish, for swimming, kayaking, tubing, and our bodies. The key to water’s healing properties is in transforming effluent before it reaches the river: sewer wastewater, ridge down to ditches and streets stormwater, roof home & garden graywater.

BOT Workshop:  

BOT (Board of Trustee) Workshop is where SuperSkyWoman first heard Honeywell’s testimony for their wastewater treatment performance contract efficiency proposal, then of EPA help.


SFC (Sustainable Futures Commission) carries out town and county sustainable energy plans. Water and Wastewater pull together interrelated working groups for regenerative action. SuperSkyWoman is lead for town water issues of which a large part is...

Economic Localization:

A new wave of Economic Localization appears in phases throughout watersheds no longer carved out by country, state, city, county, suburb. SSW’s caring non-bureaucratic voice is Bioregional. Watershed and Village Building offer guidance for wastewater transformation. Transition Towns love slow food, and now slow water? Water health is taken back by we the people. A Commons. 


SuperSkyWoman ushers in City Repair. Waters are kept Bioregionally secure. Village Building with Nature’s patterns enters Community Economics. A wealth of water-health. A Permaculture watershed. Potable water is not wasted. We beckon rain gardens. Space becomes place, healthful, homespun. Comraderie enjoyments safeguard wildlife, migrations, habitat.

equals ceremonial village, all species partake in plenaries to protect good water for the people, plants and animals and lead to resolutions. Indigenous people invite all of us to honor water-retaining life systems. We sing for seeds for water for forests, reinhabit what begs reinhabiting, sensitive to water recharge, purity and conservation. We make constructed wetlands to rehab disfunctional constructs, honor our watersheds, and walk the talk using parallel currencies. We do The Bioregional Jump.pdf!  Intersections_files/The%20Bioregional%20Jump.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0

Strawbale & Cob Outdoor classrooms, Madison School Portland OR, create overlapping roof drip lines to runoff water like a tree’s leaves do to plant around that edge for increased yield. If we are careful with drip lines we develop care as well for wastewater that flows off away from us to many others who depend on it.

From runoff to capture, knowing how to transform plastic and other persisting effluent cradle to cradle to art / life use demands care. Gravity flow to river and sea benefits from laterally Intercepting from high roofs and ridges, slowing on down by small installations that purify turbid storm bursts into fertile nooks. What we can do with wastewaters in spiral gardens and three dimensional plantings is one aspect of social-fun- Permaculture building in a big city. The City Repair Project is a good teacher.

PDC with Zia Parker- SuperSkyWoman team teaches at Zia’s Willow Way Niwot farm

Beach plastic pulled out to make words that save wildlife from inadequate waste disposal

Graffiti of the people leaving behind their minds and hearts to warn us...wondering if they know how water wasteful the bottling industry really is...
ShareIt Square, City Repair Village Building Convergence Portland OR - repainting Intersection to bring neighbors together. Neighborhood associations are stronger than city council and solve wastewater problems by authorizing street margins to be used for composting and planting raised bed gardens.
Mark Lakeman’s Cat Palace; cat comes to enjoy fish in tank at top without wanting to eat them in this cob structure adding no toxic elements that run off into common ground. (see fish in mmore images)http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_8_link_0
treats water as sacred
City Repair is exporting its Matrix to other cities and towns near YOU...http://cityrepair.org/shapeimage_9_link_0
Keepin’ it real

‘watch me’, says Water, ‘take a cue from my edges slowed, my eddies diverted, my plant filters, my banks  my pools, the toxic removed by constructed land and wetland islands above beside below  and in me, watch how many microclimates I serve’... 

Her Allies: 
Water loves them all

Water trash & wastewater are encountered with The Problem as Solution as an energy transfer. Across the earth SuperSkyWoman follows

1) water traffic

2) wayfaring signs

3) reflections

4) flows of trash
It is very important to go beyond single tasks. The more water systems that travel together downstream in a healthy state, the less burden goes onto one element such as a Wastewater Treatment Plant.  If the Plant is a living system it already sets a healthy no waste standard. 
A cycling system makes use of its waste by feeding it into connected systems, aquaculture, compost, heat, food, carbon sequestration...
Water kinships intersect here:  fish, bees, wildlife, chickens, sheetmulch, fungi, mycelium, dynamic accumulating plants (weeds), ponds, to name a few. We can nurture all this, yet
How can we walk the Sustainability talk if we still bow to the power of needing and using money & monoculture based on nothing but thin air, only faith that it will always provide for us?  
Creating parallel currency based on water that is endangered can help keep it alive & well. One local currency being introduced is the Gaian. One that has worked well is the Berkshare.

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