this is how
OP 2 becomes A&R...
1. The New A&R is discovering new talent: 
Apply it with Water Mark’s Infinite Bottom Line to history and future TIKYSK AT EMILY'S2-20cm.jpg 
through Hunter Lovins’ Integrated Bottom Line 
(scroll to green business), with Catherine Austin Fitts Tapeworm Economy, or with a cob Green Dragon at The Farm?

Take stock of live metrics as revolution from measurement by numbers as now used in the world. Specific arbitrary numbers belie symptoms & underlying causes. Ask that live evaluation be done with all action learning we do. 

Action Repair: Quick Action, SSW gets engaged when Honeywell Performance Contract with Lyons BOT institutes a long time frame in which Lyons pays or is paid for specified efficiencies based on industrial economics. Honeywell will use money found in the current budget to direct it’s efficiency performance. EPA will help.

Will this arrangement stop any real efficiency when the Wastewater Plant needs  replacement within 6 years? If larger efficiencies phase out all chemicals and elaborate machine processes with a streamlined John Todd-designed Living Biological hyperwetland, will eco-tech advances be curtailed by limited contract improvement? Will town be bound to pay Honeywell for a lesser efficiency target than a EcoMachine? What does a large contract for limited efficiency within an old system do when forced into a longtime bond? Recently showing her my research, The Mayor now thinks Living Machine technology could be one goal for improvement within the contract. Let us hope. The EPA grant buys us time.

2. OP Sources as lived, waging of Revolution can morph, synthesize, or a new “You Are Poetry” develop. After all, Water is pure poetry; when asked what are you? it answers, Go ask spider on the bridge.

No Routines Please - Just Do it 
comes as Epiphany, but are these instead revolution RRR? 
Root Radical Revolution?
Top-of-head major works come in: Water music image scores,  seal whisker relations with Quileute water, Thomas Berry’s swimming cosmologies, Ecuador voting Nature back its rights. Is it revolution to interview waste in waters?

4. OOPS: Operating Overview of Permaculture Systems becomes OOPS: opening of Office Of Permaculture Sustainability to make it LAST... 
Make a Lyons model Locally Active Sustainable Town (LAST). Model it strong enough to outlast attrition, catastrophe, oil collapse, flood, greenhouse effect, overtake by privatization, water wars, multi-national corporation & big government. SuperSkyWoman SSW Gr-Gr-zero Water Design.doc Presents Tools that create water health for regenerative living:
1. Raise level of government and community visioning, conserving vs tax base. 
2. Design riparian corridors into value-making, value-local waterlife.
3. Train Integrative eco-social water language. 
4. Thank appropriate water mentors, Barbara Harmony (Water Center, Arkansas).
Ask to Liaison to research-data-gatherer Hunter Lovins.
6. Design closed loop Financial Permaculture water in the community. 
7. Form Permaculture design charrettes Financial Perm Summit_Details.pdf for water practices.
8. Set up Action-Share: Motto: Be There or Be Square. Example: Water Currency keeps local systems flush in local wealth & health.
Build on successes, hand-building saves embedded water cost.

5. Make a Good Business Case for life system health: indices, metrics, outcomes, gauge of Permaculture values, organic food farm sheds, No GMO. Study business case for shovel ready action. Catherine Austin Fitts’ (Solari) fallacy of the Triple Bottom Line, show tapeworm economy damage done. Create a Lyons Financial Permaculture. Import Village Building a’ la City Repair.

6. Water Mark UNMEG “un-megamachine” courses: Start a SuperSkyWoman course at Water Mark of Lyons PPP: LLC. Practice letting go of the Industrial Megamachine with others, use Conversations that Matter: NVC, RC, Theory U, Open Space, Conversation Café’s, All Species Representation, Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, Dreaming, Back-Casting, Transition games, Asking Nature, Spiral Dynamics, energy work, (Blanche Merz) lines of energy, dowsing, water witching, locate high vibrations, Emily Conrad D’Aoud micro movement, time travel through earth....

From OP1B to OP2 
by Revolution  Since SuperSkyWoman’s OPs are decided by Epiphany, Evolution, Revolution,

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