ELF Nicole WITH power to add delete & amend

My advisor Val suggests I hire an elf to write a quick, sloppy, imperfect story process layer: An Eco Machine for Lyons CO, step into leadership, TTown, ecovillage, FP, creative harvesting. One week turnaround. You receive $50 learning budget. Maybe 5 min quick & dirty video reveal of EcoMachines going viral?

The request: All Gaia Community Forum:

Be integrative mind-regenerator, a bridge between Nature, indigenous bioregion, Leadership role, Collaborative OP-making & lost Commons, municipalities, DGR (Deep Green Resistance), megamachine?

Thank you Nicole! Your  Elf contribution is on MAHARA: http://portfolios.gaiauniversity.org/view/view.php?id=1482  yes I find mistakes, leave them in, don’t fuss.

You ask me to add video “Are You Me?” on Mahara & to clean up typos or not? All choice yours. Your Elf work takes 6 hours: 3 seeing the videos, 3 for writing. With gratitude, an OP review for you & little bit of $Moolah, am so appreciative. Coco Gordon aka SuperSkyWoman Qs?? cocogord@mindspring.com

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Integrative EcoSocial Design

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7-Year2 #1-LIPD     7-Year2 #1-LIPD Links         8-Year2 #2       

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Right Brain 10-Year2 #4 Art in earth        Left Brain 10-Year2 #4 eARTh

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Nicole Vosper answers call to be my Elf:  Hi Coco, You know what I love a challenge & I'm fundraising for my Msc so was hoping to advertise to the GU community... so how about we give it a go? I accept.  Nicole contribution arrives 6-19-12 for $50 payment by Paypal +my review of Nicole’s BScOP6 sent 6-17-12.

When received:

Dear Nicole,

Am blown away, had no idea this could be so total, one piece taken from all my many parts, and allocated so smoothly to all the right output places as a finished OP. Wow! Pages and section headings too, in the Podapo mood. You extract the essence that I gives me so much difficulty condensing. It is so quick ‘N Dirty perfect that I leave your version as the finished OP &  fill in all my last data  & conclusions on my i-web pages in the form of extractive text & visual collages  as sampling of the source you used in your elf work.

These i-web pages remain unfinished as my attempt to reduce fits the quest we set out to do.

For the video parts of the OP,  also link to my website pages.   I should say my i-web site is part of the puzzle to show what a marvelous job an elf can do to condense another associate’s Output.

So Should readers  have the video elements to watch? Feels good to do, they showcase Diane & Ariane’s input, the media element is great. I could not enter my ‘Are You Me’ video on your page. It is a master puzzle being pieced together & we seek all the last pieces to see the total condensed image within our hearts. That’s the right brain thought here that balances. I like thinking about the balance part. Though your piece stands alone, How does this sound to you? (you replied yes). Then one can see where all you wrote came from.

I am feeling blessed that

you took this on & did a Nicole design analysis with it. Yay hooray.

I learn from you that I,  & others can see the way you work with this puzzle we all made together. It’s holistic to take pieces & compost some then reform the rest. This has been very instructive. Without this task, I never would have imagined how you get your finished product of your Mahara OP pages done.

Kudos, Am leaving the blemishes, wrong state, not Illinois it is Lyons, Colorado, but don’t change it, I love the so few mistakes. They are jewels here. My thought is not to fix typos.             -Coco AKA SuperSkyWoman

If you achieve perfection by a quick ‘n dirty aim, that’s the action-learning piece to take

away from all this, keep aiming low to free the intuition.

Last Instructions: I cannot edit Elf’s Mahara site: missing directives placed here:

1. Please eliminate your directive for placing my ‘Are You Me’ video on Mahara page.

2.  On the last pages of Conclusion please replace the wording in both conclusion & output reflection to just give these urls :

Conclusion- http://www.ask-ssw.com/11-yr25_Eco-Machine/Conclusion.html

Process reflection- http://www.ask-ssw.com/11-yr25_Eco-Machine/Process_Reflection.html

supporting evidence- http://www.ask-ssw.com/11-yr25_Eco-Machine/Supporting_Evidence.html

3. Please add to statement on the appendices page that my learning journal extracts appear as images in the process reflection i-web page

4. On the appendices page you could add the url for my i-web sites: the main one:


& the site linking to the abandoned site:


only to read with discretionary interest.

5.  the total word counts for your and my separate web pages:

Total i-web Output  2478 + Nicole Mahara wordcount 2760 = total 5238

I just reduced the count considerably to have my i-web pages fit in the total count acceptable.

Gratitude & many thanks!