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I correlate the JTED magic of unseen transformative action with my own invisible structuring. A greenhouse with tropical plants that need no heat in winter is a true resource that the Questioning Monsanto wife could not evade. I learned:

Conclusion: when personal agendas Rule

The only choice is a well informed one

Vision smiles on a new BOT member, save her message

I know the history of Genius, New Alchemy, Ocean Arks, Living Technoogies, EcoMachines, all JTED

Those who call wastewater sewage are earfuls

You can see as I did resource cannot defend itself & ecoUNliterate newspapers will mock.

I learned:

Conclusion: Run by the Mayor’s husband, News:

Town is surrounded by Frack GMO’s $

Believe death when you know it, before you see it


I conclude: whatever I can do to up the level of knowledge is good, if I educate up a few notches  on the Regeneration rungs and also get my project through Wow great, if I get some of the project OK, did my best, Knowing my History, Nature’s Technologies cannot be upended by industrially driven Machines & chemicals, conclusion: I manifest the truth of Nature’s power to separate out safely, cost nothing, keep toxins off our skin, air water & soon the next restoring is coming in every living town in america, biomimicry is near & EcoMachines find their partners who have diversity biology to spur an eco economy incubator throughout...& I learned elf love stretches to encompass the best possible solutions...

The fish will thank us for voting to use the ecological option, the only disgruntled will be Monsanto & wife...

I LEARNED My conclusion is to use Elf help if it comes prepackaged with Gaia U trained degree work; quick ‘n dirty  frees the imagination & intuition, giving a surprise gift of first thought best thought look to the piece Behind the scene, a brilliant gem sets off on a path to do good with minimal time and minimal $moolah, & it rolls into first place easy as pie. OK that’s a cliche’ but this story is fine cut + rough specifications, thanks Nicole. I learned getting help from an unknown eliminates judgement, increases happy free space for manifesting my deepest intuition, look impartially, & let the other person reduce more objectively.