Interview(s): An EcoMachine for Lyons
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EcoMachine, performance contracting, 
sole source, scope, value-added, 
eco-incubator, eco-Agriculture, 
ecological engineering, 
municipal-mind, statutory, 
hybrid WWTP, I&I, effluent, 
pilot, collection system, SCADA, 
Retrofit, Whole-life costing, feasibility study, 
sludge bacteria, holistic supply-base, 
SFC, (Sustainable Futures Commission)
UEB, (Utilities & Engineering Board)
BOT, ( Board of Trustees)
EDC, Economic Development Commission.
ESCO, CO certification
RFQ, Request for Qualification
CDPHE,  CO Dept Health
SCADA, Automation system

Movie interview 1A  with Diane dandeneau -         quick n rough edit

May 19 2012

D&C (Diane & Coco) Fast Notes re: interview 1:

(5/18/12  our first interview became quicktime audio only- we did a retake)

C: Asked D to talk about objective for partnering best possible solution for Lyons to support the project & make GU aware of WWTP learning experience process, provide a ton of info. Pushing JTED? How to turn this around?

Reorganizing WWTP committee. Call competitors & evaluate...

D: Work with JTED or not is irrelevant, Lyonsworks differently. Presenting an ecological system feasibility study creates tension with town’s bidding system.

C: Rick provided JTED competitors list & new ally , Sybil CSU Water Center. Follow up. Visit Nederland new WWTP biomimcry model.

D: Don't see how to get your ideas done

(Wow! missing piece: How to get D to see Ideas as Action)?

C: Provide alternative path reasoning, justification, costs, proposal.

C: Ready to give the BOT a report?

D: I think so, what do you think?

C: We have the data, JVA, Honeywell, &  opportunity to present scenario for  level playing field of biological options, bringing JTED in with funds, head to head needs a lucid plan. Jonathan is back to lead Lyons’ proper scope. Victoria said NSU needs CO certification. Propose Town a new scope. Efforts undermined by town understaffing. Jim our WW committee engineer has experience but limited time.


Evaluate $million Q for Lyons, how  EcoMachine possible? Strategy for highest success.  Onlly JTED can fill in scope for awesome starting point  foundation of understanding (FOU?).  JTED ready for an MOU. Don't need level of justification from third parties as town funding.

C: challenges: We already achieved history Oct 17th JTED transformational day, many Aha's. Tricky moving parts, ready for funding, hoops to jump.  Gov’t IGA planning areas availability & constraints. New floodplain map of WWTP, headwaters in danger, & street grading better from the bridge. Large cost committed by Lyons without discussion.

D: Agree on timing, next step. Doing earlier, couldn’tt work. Engineers, staff, new BOT, SFC, & JTED can mesh.

C: SFC members non-compliant, emotional. Prepare them.

D: For clear SFC catch up plan & committee up to speed, explain sole source, address Q's. Ask Victoria if we should raise $40,000 for feasibility study or prepare RFQs? Victoria says wait on Feasibilty study to recoup cost in the project, a piece we didn’t know. Mariane finds Deliverables C not part of Hybrids comparison, use as extra leverage, saving $.

Task: Coco next step -  list JTED partnering Hybrids. NSU are ESCO certified but if in CO, are officially able to compete.

Give contenders requirements, BOD  to do feasibility study with costs, do they come to look, acres needed, floodway constraints, palette of systems to offer Lyons, gaining income to satisfy Lyons’ sustainable needs: Zero waste, fuel for fleet, value added integrations? Biodiversity edge, Lower costs, less energy use… Update: ponder with JTED!

Coco, SuperSkyWoman, SFC WW Committee

Diane Dandeneau, SFC Chair, Life Coach

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