retaining 7 generations of genetic memory on the Rez by regenerating the story, sundance, family, song ‘n

life without elaborate videogame ‘n cellphone technology ‘n microwaves, shannon watches the mountains from my Mom’s throne & shares  trust in my bringing what I know to Lyons’ elders ‘n children...

Q&A softly with Shannon to superskywoman: Movie 2

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Shannon wills me to be aggressive as Superskywoman,

it was all commons before the white man’s forced boarding schools...

she knows:

Singin’ ||: pu va :||

early Indigenous gridless map

See the third movie: Shannon’s ties to Genetic Knowledge...

you are invited to

Coco Gordon

PO Box 225, 523 5th Ave

Lyons CO 80540



Gaia University

P.O. Box 2253

Longmont, CO 80502

Associate Name for whom services were provided: Coco Gordon

3 hour interview & video shoot with Indigenous specialist,

Shannon Francis Hopi, Dine’, made 3 videos & report.

For OP 10 eARTh, seeds, & the commons, Spent $125. OK’d $100. $100.

Total Due___________________________________________________$100.